Entertainment Style Style Advisor: the tote

Style Advisor: the tote

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Name: Not to be confused with the word totes (as in, totally), the tote is probably the world’s most popular bag.

What it is: The ultimate carry-all – a large, often unfastened bag with parallel handles.

Origin: The name of the tote came from the verb “to tote” which means “to carry.” The bag became popular in America with the creation of LL Bean’s Boat Bag in 1944. Since, the bag has been used as everything from a fashion statement to a groceries bag. It received a boost in popularity in 2007 when Anya Hindmarch’s affordable, environmentally-friendly “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote sold out.

Styles: The traditional fabric is a sturdy canvas, but there are also variations in leather, straw, suede and mesh.

Who can wear them: Anyone! Their practicality defies age and trends.

Warning: While the openness of tote bags make them easy to throw your stuff into, it also makes it easy for people to take things out. Be cautious of pesky thieves if you’re travelling and make sure nothing falls out!