Entertainment Style Style Advisor: The Playsuit

Style Advisor: The Playsuit

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Name: The playsuit, romper, onesie

What it is: Not for the faint hearted, the playsuit is traditionally a camisole top attached to shorty shorts.

Origin: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York fashion archive has playsuits from the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s. The earlier versions were more sporty than sexy. From about 2006 a new wave of onesies hit high streets and young women are loving every inch of them.

Styles: Short, shorter and shortest. The playsuit is made to be worn in summer.

Who can wear them: Children and anyone under the age of 23 with slim hips and a good pair of pins. (See next point for clarification).

Warning: The New Daily columnist and former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements rightfully warns women to avoid the playsuit altogether as certain styles can cause unsightly tummy bulging and have a tendency to ride up into the crutch. If you really want to go for a one-piece outfit, go for the jumpsuit, the long-legged cousin of the playsuit.