Entertainment Style Style Advisor: The classic t-shirt

Style Advisor: The classic t-shirt

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Name: The classic t-shirt

What it is: The quintessential wardrobe staple, able to blend into the background or make a statement by itself.

Origin: The plain t-shirt dates back to the early 1900’s, when the US Navy who began issuing them as undergarments. It was popularised by Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and since then it has been ripped, tie-dyed, embellished, printed and cropped.

Styles: Black, white, navy, grey, printed or striped.

Who can wear them: Absolutely anyone – the t-shirt is probably one of the only clothing items that every age, gender and shape can wear.

Warning: Fit is everything. Choose one that is comfortable and flatters your shape.