Entertainment Stage VP-elect Mike Pence receives a cold crowd and cast welcome at Hamilton musical

VP-elect Mike Pence receives a cold crowd and cast welcome at Hamilton musical

hamilton mike pence
Mike Pence leaves the performance of Hamilton to protestors and some supporters. Photo: AAP
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Vice President-elect and staunch conservative Mike Pence has been the subject of a pointed message from the cast of the massively popular musical Hamilton.

After Pence watched a performance of the musical on Saturday (AEDT) on Broadway in New York City, Hamilton’s entire cast remained on stage to read out a scripted message directed at Mr Pence.

“We sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us,” actor Brandon Victor Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr (the United States’ third vice president) said.

“We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us,” Dixon said. “This is one American story told by a diverse group of men and women of different colours, creeds and orientations.”

Watch it:

Video from earlier in the evening showed Mr Pence being booed as he entered the theatre, but also applauded.

The New York Times reported that the director, producer and cast of the musical decided to write the statement once they knew Mr Pence would be in the audience.

hamilton mike pence
One of the protestors who turned up to chide Mr Pence. Photo: AAP

It was unclear if Mr Pence stayed for the statement – during the video the actor Dixon noted he had stood up to leave – and the vice president-elect had not commented after the show.

One of the main focuses of the musical is one of the United States’ founding farthers Alexander Hamilton’s migrant experience.

According to people in the audience who took to social media, the crowd cheered extra hard and booed louder at lines about immigration.

During another song – You’ll Be Back (Reprise) – sung by an openly gay actor, the crowed “jeered Pence on every line”.

Mr Pence is a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage and at numerous times throughout the campaign president-elect Donald Trump said he would restrict the movement of immigrants into the US.

The former Governor of Indiana was then met by protestors on the street as he left the theatre. He is in New York City leading the transition effort from the Obama administration to the Trump administration.

The cheapest tickets to see a performance of Hamilton sell online for more than $AUD1000. It is an 11-time Tony Award winning musical and is set to move performances to Chicago, London and San Francisco.

The show had earned more than $30 million in ticket sales before it even opened in late 2015.

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