Entertainment Stage Legal eagle Josh Glanc becomes a comedy star

Legal eagle Josh Glanc becomes a comedy star

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99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One)

The Butterfly Club – March 24 to April 5, 2015
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
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This month Josh Glanc premieres his show 99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One) at The Butterfly Club.

Glanc was the scene-stealing star of last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show ‘The Law Revue’ during a sellout season at the Forum Theatre.

At this year’s comedy festival, he is making his solo debut.

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Glanc, a local Melbourne lawyer, admits he finds the task of staging a one-man show “a little daunting” but says he’s always enjoyed being the centre of attention – often with disastrous consequences.

“When I was 12, I faked an appendicitis and ended up actually having my appendix removed,” Glanc says.

Josh Glanc is a lawyer turned comedian.
Josh Glanc is a lawyer-turned-comedian.

“At first it was just an excuse to get out of school, but the time I actually got to the hospital, I tried to convince my parents I wasn’t sick, which of course they didn’t believe.

“It was the ultimate case of the boy who cried wolf.”

Glanc is a virtuoso comedic talent who combines high-wired silliness with subversive social observation and pathos. 99 Schnitzels filters his surreal and singular comedic universe through character, sketches and song.

It is a bold approach for an up-and-coming comedian to depart so decisively from the world of stand-up, but underscores Glanc’s confidence in his own comedic voice and his hope that 99 Schnitzels is just the first leap.

Growing up idolising comedy legends Eddie Murphy and Larry David, Glanc enjoys the kind of humor that draws an audience in.

“I like having to work really hard to try and bring the audience into your world,” he expains.

Rather than having sketches where things always need to be happening he prefers “fully inhabiting a character and seeing where it goes”.

He also he adds loves the use of music with comedy.

“Music is hilarious! Bill Murray singing the love theme from Jaws at the SNL 40-year reunion, that’s the kind of thing I love,” he says, before wryly adding that “a schnitzel’s gotta be crumbed both sides or it’s a scaloppini”.

Asked how he combines the world of comedy and law, Glanc recalls an anecdote where a barrister acquaintance told him he wasn’t surprised he was doing a comedy show “because I had a funny-looking face”, which he has decided to take as positive reinforcement.

More than anything, Glanc hopes that his audience “comes away having had fun, lost of fun”.

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99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One) is showing at The Butterfly Club from 24 March to April 5 and The Tuxedo Cat from 9 to 19 April.

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