Entertainment People TikTok hero swaps soft drinks for a bubbly personality: 3.7 million people cheer him on

TikTok hero swaps soft drinks for a bubbly personality: 3.7 million people cheer him on

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Sick of being miserable? Then check out the life-affirming stylings of one Rohit Roy, a Melbourne man and TikTok star who has accrued an international following of supporters … by declaring, day after day, “Hello everyone, no fizzy drinks for me today.”

So he’s a guy who has packed on a few kilos and wants to regain his health by abandoning a persistent soft-drinks habit.

No big deal you might say.

But he has a lot to give.

Namely, he serves as an illustration of the importance of reaching out – and going so far to expose your vulnerabilities, and in effect throw yourself upon the mercy of your fellow human beings.

Here’s how it happened: Rohit’s doctor advised him to cut back on the sugary drinks, but Rohit needed outside help.

What appears to have won Rohit a legion of fans – and laudatory media coverage, here and here – is his “endearing and wholesome” personality.

But there is also great value in seeing the light come on inside this man, whose early postings were coloured with anxiety and shyness – and an earnest commitment to stick at it.

@rohitroygreDay 1: No Fizzy Drinks 👍♬ original sound – rohitroygre

We’ve all been there. Looking in the bathroom mirror, making promises to give up smoking or be better tempered, earnestly hoping that change is possible. It’s a raw expression of humanity.

His first posting was on June 8, where he assures whoever is out there – in his locked-down city, his locked-down world – that: “It’s almost 24 hours now, and I haven’t had ANY fizzy drink whatsoever. All I had is water, water, water. I’m really happy with that. I’m really happy with the start … and thank you everyone for your help and support. Let’s continue this.”

@rohitroygreDay 18: No Fizzy Drinks 💦♬ original sound – rohitroygre

Day one earned him 24,400 Likes.

Mental health advocate and New York Times best selling author Bassey Ikpi became a follower and was moved to post that first video on her Twitter feed with the words: “This is Rohit’s first video. If you can’t cheer this man’s health journey on, then move around. Rohit, you’re doing great, sweetie!”

And also: “Love to all the people who needed their day brightened. Definitely brightened mine.”

It’s true. You can’t help but get a little lift from Rohit whose eyes have grown wider and sparklier with the possibility that he’s pulling off the challenge.

@rohitroygreDay 50: No Fizzy Drinks 👩‍❤️‍👨♬ original sound – rohitroygre

On day 50, July 27, he shared a photo of his wedding day six years ago and garnered 1.5 million views.

He said: “Today I have completed 50 days of having no fizzy drinks, which is the halfway mark of my next aim which is 100 days. This is a big achievement for me. To celebrate this I would like to share my photo with you all. This is the photo of when I got married six years ago. I used to look like that. But I’m trying to get more healthier and fitter now with the help of you all.”

And this is the other part of the message.

Simply taking an interest in another person makes a difference.

And it’s happened in a world that is largely frightened and shut away from itself. Not bad.