Entertainment People Gritty Pretty Radio is spilling skincare secrets with your favourite celebs

Gritty Pretty Radio is spilling skincare secrets with your favourite celebs

Eleanor Pendleton Erin Cook Jonathan Van Ness Miranda Kerr
Teeming with beauty tips and A-listers, this new Aussie podcast has it all. Photo: Instagram / Getty
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The beauty industry is rife with misinformation, complex ingredients and  misleading language that can confuse even the cleverest consumers.

Skincare and make-up enthusiasts have been slogged with the difficult duty of wading through masses of (often conflicting) advice and deceptive claims.

Now, a new Australian podcast is set to “cut the crap” from the beauty industry with the help of A-list celebrities, including Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart.

Longtime beauty editor Eleanor Pendleton is bringing her online beauty destination, Gritty Pretty, to our ears with the help of the platform’s beauty director, Erin Cook.

Gritty Pretty Radio promises a deep-dive into all things beauty, offering secrets, debunking myths and delivering insights from industry insiders and the who’s who of the beauty world.

In short, the hosts know beauty, and between them have worked at some of the top glam-mags in the world, including Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Famous Weekly and InStyle.


Photo: TND / Instagram

But it’s not just beauty-related chatter we can look forward to.

Speaking to The New Daily, Ms Pendleton and Ms Cook said consumers’ growing interests in the ever-changing digital beauty scene was a driving force behind starting Gritty Pretty Radio. 

“When I was working in magazines I saw this shift towards social media,” Ms Pendleton said.

“I was that woman who would buy Cosmopolitan, or Elle magazine or Harper’s, and I found myself suddenly consuming a huge amount of content online and on social media.

“As that has progressed it’s allowed us to build this digital-only business but also to see how brands have adapted to it as well.”

“We are able to see brands talking to consumers via social media now. Ten years ago, brands just had [research and development] teams and would create a product because they felt they needed it, whereas now we’re seeing these brands talk to the consumer and have these one-to-one conversations on Instagram.

“They’ll straight up ask the consumers on their social channels, ‘Do you want us to create X?’.” 

Photo: TND / Instagram

Ms Cook agreed and said the collaborative approach between consumers and brands was something that Gritty Pretty – both the platform and podcast – has adopted.

“It’s been amazing for us to have that conversation with our readers and see how clued up they are about beauty,” Ms Cook said.

“In our Facebook group they’re talking to each other, consumers are so knowledgeable now.

“During this lockdown I think everyone was at home and using products and getting a bit more skilled-up about what they’re putting on their face.”

In the ear of the beholder….

If insight from two of the country’s top beauty editors isn’t enough, listeners can also look forward to hearing from some of the biggest names in the beauty game.

Skincare aficionados will recognise industry powerhouses Dr Dennis Gross, Dr Barbara Sturm and Ola Henriksson for their top of the line products and elite status in the beauty community.

Photo: TND / Instagram

KORA Organics founder and supermodel Miranda Kerr joined the Gritty Pretty hosts in the first episode to discuss growing up in the Aussie outback and revealing the inspiration behind her certified organic skincare range.

“We, as beauty editors, have the good fortune of being able to speak to so many different beauty experts, brand founders and various people within the industry.” Ms Pendleton said.

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is set to feature in an upcoming episode, dishing on everything from haircare to his online activism.

“We were their first Australian podcast interview which is so exciting,” Ms Pendleton said of Mr Van Ness.

“It’s such an incredibly deep interview, they talk about everything from LGBTQIA community, I think we delved a little bit into politics as well …  and then, obviously, talking about their experience being the grooming expert for Queer Eye and everything that comes along with that.”

“I felt really lucky that they kind of let us in, they opened up a lot.” said Ms Cook.