Entertainment People Coronavirus outfits take some wild and crazy twists

Coronavirus outfits take some wild and crazy twists

Coronavirus outfits
People have been spotted sporting some pretty interesting health and safety get-ups. Photos: Instagram/TND
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In the age of coronavirus, things are starting to get a little … interesting

We’ve already seen how Australians are taking the pandemic with a solid serving of humour, coining some truly Staylan terms to fit this unique situation we find ourselves in.

As most of the country enters stage three lockdowns, many people have been living the home-life for for what is now coming up to a month. That’s prompting some pretty interesting outfits for when we do have to go out in public.

Whether it’s taking the mickey, or a genuine stab at personal health and safety, notorious Instagram page Brown Cardigan posted a solid mash-up of the best get-ups seen around the country.

Of course, some of these aren’t completely ludicrous.

Home-made masks aren’t recommended by the World Health Organisation – but a straight-up shield could have its merits, respiratory specialist from the University of Technology Brian Oliver said.

“A simple face shield made from a sheet of Perspex would protect people from direct contact with someone that is coughing in front of them,” Associate Professor Oliver said.

While we can thank the above people for brightening our shopping trips, let’s just all remember the easiest way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home where and when possible, practise social distancing, and wash your hands.