Entertainment People The New Daily’s 2019 Trivia Quiz

The New Daily’s 2019 Trivia Quiz

Clarke Gayford Jacinda Ardern
Who's holding the baby? See if you know the name of Jacinda Ardern's fiance (and baby Neve's dad.) Photo: Getty
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Formulated to challenge The Chase’s ‘supernerd’ Issa Schultz, here’s The New Daily’s 2019 Trivia Quiz. Test your brain against the best in Australia.


1 What is Meghan Markle’s real name?
2 What is the name of the movie ranch where Charles Manson’s Family lived in Los Angeles?
3 In what stroke did Johanna Griggs win a Commonwealth Games bronze medal?
4 In Western Australia, it is illegal to possess 50 kilograms of what?
5 How old was Queen Elizabeth when she had Prince Charles?
6 Who is the vice-captain of the Australian men’s cricket team?
7 In what year was Paul Keating elected PM?
8 How many films are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
9 What South Australian volcano contains the Blue Lake?
10 Which horse won the 2018 Melbourne Cup?
11 In what year was the first iPod put on sale?
12 Who starred in the 1954 version of A Star is Born?
13 Rank these services from oldest to youngest: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram
14 What was the first album to sell more than one million copies in Australia?
15 What is the world’s smallest species of dog?
16 In 1932, the Australian military was engaged to wage war on what?
17 Which novel introduced the concept of Big Brother?
18 In Twin Peaks, who killed Laura Palmer?
19 Name two countries which start with A but don’t end in A?
20 Who is Reginald Dwight?
21 Who is the only person to have been awarded Australian and Young Australian of the Year?
22 In what year did Vegemite appear on Australian shelves?
23 Which sketch comedy show introduced us to Kath and Kim?
24 Which song was No.1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 this year?
25 What global pandemic killed more than 12,000 Australians in 1919?
26 Marty McFly visits what futuristic year in Back to the Future II?
27 The announcement of the discovery of what elementary particle was made in 2012?
28 Who won the Game of Thrones?
29 Who was the Australian journalist freed from an Egyptian prison in 2015?
30 Who was Australia’s longest living prime minister?
31 What planet is bigger: Venus or Mars?
32 Which Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star has worked more times with director Quentin Tarantino: Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio?
33 What is Alf Stewart’s profession?
34 For what is SONAR an acronym?
35 In the James Bond franchise, who are the last two actors to play M?
36 Where was Nicole Kidman born?
37 Better Call Saul is the prequel to what US TV program?
38 In which state is Mount Kosciuszko?
39 Who was the medico onboard Jupiter II in the 1960s hit Lost in Space?
40 Who won the 2019 Tour de France?
41 Who released more studio albums: INXS or Cold Chisel?
42 What is Jacinda Ardern’s fiancé’s name?
43 What is the lightest element on the periodic table?
44 Who won this year’s My Kitchen Rules?
45 What is the name of Springfield’s news anchor on The Simpsons?
46 Which computing pioneer will appear on the new £50 note?
47 What was the final Beatles album to be recorded?
48 Excluding Tasmania, what is Australia’s largest island?
49 What is the highest-selling album of all time?
50 What is Ash Barty’s current ranking (at time of recording)? #2


1 Rachel Meghan Markle
2 Spahn’s Movie Ranch
3 Backstroke
4 Potatoes
5 22
6 Travis Head
7 1991
8 23
9 Mount Gambier
10 Cross Counter
11 2001
12 Judy Garland and James Mason
13 Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Gmail (2007), Instagram (2010)
14 Whispering Jack
15 Fennec fox
16 Emus
17 1984
18 Her father, Leland Palmer
19 Azerbaijan and Afghanistan
20 Elton John
21 Cathy Freeman
22 1923
23 Big Girls’ Blouse
24 Ocean Alley, Confidence
25 The Spanish ‘Flu
26 2015
27 The Higgs Boson
28 Bran Stark
29 Peter Greste
30 Gough Whitlam
31 Venus
32 Both (two times)
33 Surf club bartender
34 Sound navigation and ranging
35 Ralph Fiennes and Judy Dench
36 Hawaii
37 Breaking Bad
38 NSW
39 Zachary Smith
40 Egan Bernal
42 Clarke Gayford
43 Hydrogen
44 Alex and Emily
45 Kent Brockman
46 Alan Turing
47 Abbey Road
48 Melville Island
49 Thriller, Michael Jackson
50 No.2

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