Entertainment Music Music world reaches its peak contradiction with the Bluetooth cassette tape

Music world reaches its peak contradiction with the Bluetooth cassette tape

Bluetooth cassette player
A Kickstarter campaign is trying to gain support for a cassette player with Bluetooth capabilities. Photo: Kickstarter
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Just when you thought nostalgia had finished its comeback, a Bluetooth-powered cassette player makes a surprise appearance.

While it’s not available (yet), the device is looking for support on Kickstarter, the online project funding platform. It’s styled in the veins of a Sony Walkman, but connects to Bluetooth headphones – or a speaker, if you’re so inclined.

Ignoring the audio downfalls of the cassette tape, the designers behind IT’S OK instead choose to focus on the “romance” of the Walkman.

“Cassette players were popular in the entire ‘80s. It was the first time you could bring along your selection of music,” the Kickstarter bio reads.

The IT’S OK takes its style cues from the classic Sony Walkman of the 1980s. Photo: Kickstarter

“It accompanied us in times of happiness and healed us in times of sadness. That is the splendid ‘80s era which people long for; those were the days when music still had weight.”

The Hong Kong-based team behind IT’S OK is also pushing the cassette’s ability to record voices – not to be confused with the voice memo function of a smartphone.

“Unlike the convenience of smartphone technology, a box of cassette tapes has time limitations,” the page says.

“Because of this, only the most significant and meaningful dialogue is recorded. As a physical object, this box can be held on hands and passed to people of value, which teaches us how to treasure.”

The project team is hoping to have the IT’S OK ready to ship out by December.

The team behind IT’S OK is NINM Lab, which last year released a Polaroid camera attachment for SLR film cameras.

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