Entertainment Music Adele reveals huge secret during Sydney gig

Adele reveals huge secret during Sydney gig

Adele has been touring Australia for the past two weeks. Photo: AAP
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Adele has dropped a bombshell during her Australian tour, alluding to the secret of how she gets to the stage without being seen by fans.

Fans have reportedly been bewildered by Adele’s sudden appearance on stage, without being seen entering from the wings, or popping up on stage in venues with no under-stage tunnel.

She recently told one audience: “How I get to this stage makes me so sweaty, I’m drenched. I can’t tell you ’til the end — you’ll laugh when you find out.”

But The Sun newspaper reckons it already has it worked out.

A source told the paper that the singer climbs into a large, wheeled box — typically used for transporting stage equipment — in which she sits as staff wheel her unseen through the venue to the side of the stage.

The source said that Adele has to sit in the box for several minutes as she is taken from her dressing room right to the centre of the crowd, often whiling away the time on an iPad to entertain herself.

“Most of her fans are already seated and just presume it’s a piece of kit they are moving but some have been told by staff at venues that actually it’s their idol and a woman worth £85million ($A137 million) sitting in a pretty small box a few feet from them,” the paper reported the source as saying.

“A few have worked it out as her personal security Peter Van Der Deer — who is never away from her side — accompanies the box during its journey.

“Then her team flank it as it reaches the stage and shield her from view as she climbs out and goes to wait underneath the stage for the start.”

The box trick occurs in concerts performed “in the round”. Photo: Twitter

Security guards keep a close eye on the box as it is wheeled through the fans.

“It is a very sweaty and unglamorous part of the show for Adele to get through,” the source said. “But she’s down to earth and jokes about it.”

On Friday the Grammy Award winner was left in tears after stopping the show as a fan suffered a heart attack during her Sydney concert.

She dedicated her performance of Take It All to the female fan, who is reportedly in hospital.

Almost 200,000 fans attended Adele’s two concerts at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on Friday and Saturday nights.

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