Entertainment Music ‘Rude, arrogant’ Dylan may forgo $1.18 million prize

‘Rude, arrogant’ Dylan may forgo $1.18 million prize

Bob Dylan has not come forward since the awarding of the Nobel Prize. Photo: AAP
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A “rude” and “arrogant” Bob Dylan has angered Nobel authorities and may miss out on his Nobel Prize purse of around $1.18 million.

The American singer-songwriter has made no statement about being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature about around two weeks ago.

Under the rules of the Nobel Prize, the winner must give one lecture on literature within six months to receive the prize money of 8 million Swedish kroner ($A1.18 million).

Per Wastberg, a member of Swedish Academy that presents the award, said Dylan’s silence was “rude and arrogant”.

The Nobel Foundation does not accept any rejections of the prize, and Dylan’s name will be listed as the winner in 2016 whatever he says — but the award money is a different matter.

As a condition, Dylan must give a lecture on a subject “relevant to the work for which the prize has been awarded” no later than six months after December 10, the anniversary of dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel’s death.

“That is what we ask for in return,” said Jonna Petterson, spokeswoman for the Nobel Foundation, adding Dylan could also opt to give a concert instead of a lecture.

“Yes, we are trying to find an arrangement that suits the laureate.”

The Swedish Academy’s choice of Dylan was hugely controversial, with many questioning whether his work qualifies as literature.

Others complained that the Academy missed an opportunity to bring attention to lesser-known artists.

Only six laureates have declined the prize in its history, one being French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in 1964.

After Sartre fell on hard times a few years later his lawyer wrote the Nobel foundation asking them to send Sartre the money — they refused.

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