Entertainment Music ‘The Boss’ signs schoolboy’s absentee note

‘The Boss’ signs schoolboy’s absentee note

Rock royalty Bruce Springsteen was happy to sign an absentee note for one lucky schoolboy.
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A Philadelphia fifth-class student ditched school for the chance to meet rock legend Bruce Springsteen and “The Boss” gladly played along by signing the boy’s absence excuse note.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Michael Fenerty attended a meet-and-greet with the the star on Thursday at the Free Library of Philadelphia with his dad.

Springsteen was in town for a book signing to promote his new autobiography, Born To Run.

Wanting to follow school procedure, the boy’s father brought along a pre-typed note that Springsteen signed to excuse his son’s absence.

The note, signed by Bruce Springsteen
The note, signed by Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen told the boy that he would have to read the note first because that’s how he got in trouble with his first contract.

The school’s principal only received a photocopy of the note.

Michael also had Springsteen to blame for a late night before his first day at school as a fifth grader.

The night before school started, Michael’s father, Mike, took him to see a Springsteen concert.

“And of course Bruce played his longest show,” Mike told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“As a fan I loved it; as a parent I hated it. I wanted to kill him!”

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