Entertainment Music Wham! Radio DJ listens to Xmas song for two hours

Wham! Radio DJ listens to Xmas song for two hours

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Listeners to Austrian radio show Antenne Kärnten were anything but jolly about having Wham!’s Last Christmas forced on them for two hours straight.

Radio presenter Joe Kohlhofer kicked off his 8am show on Friday by barricading his co-host from the studio and locking himself in with the microphone.

After telling listeners he felt the area was suffering from a lack of Christmas spirit, he took it upon himself to install it – through 24 repeats of the 1984 hit.

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But the stunt had callers wishing it was their last Christmas, as they begged with Kohlhofer to stop.

It was only when his own daughter joined the chorus of angry carollers that he called it off, about 10am.

“I wanted to play it all day, but because I love my daughter so much I gave in to her request,” Kohlhofer said.

According to the radio station, it was not a publicity stunt and was unplanned, Metro UK reported.

After the door was locked, station staff could only look in through glass as Kohlhofer pressed repeat, they said.

See a video of the stunt below and relive Wham!’s Last Christmas – if you really feel you are having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.

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