Entertainment Music Muso creates ‘Airbnb’ of live music

Muso creates ‘Airbnb’ of live music

Melbourne muso Matt Walters created the idea.
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A Victorian-produced online house-gig site is closing the gap between live music and fans by cutting out the middle man.

The brainchild of Melbourne singer-songwriter Matt Walters, Parlour sets up musicians at intimate locations across the city.

The deal is that artists take 90 per cent of a $10 ticket price, and atmospheres and audiences are primed for listening first and talking later.

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Parlour gigs have so far drawn musicians such as Thelma Plum, Caitlin Harnett and Grand Salvo to lantern-strewn gardens and candle-lit rooms across the city.

“(It’s) not dissimilar to the Airbnb (accommodation booking) model: cutting out the middlemen and allowing people to negotiate and stage gigs where they like,” Walters wrote on Palourgigs.com.

“From being signed to a major label, to touring with some incredible international artists, I’ve​ certainly experienced all the ups and downs the music business has to offer.

“But for some time now, I’ve​ felt a change coming on. Of course, with the traditional music model well and truly behind us, there is more emphasis than ever on playing live.

“But for most musicians – especially those up and coming – it’s hardly worth it. The experience of playing a great show can be a reward unto itself, but at the end of the day artists, like all working people, need to get paid for their work.”

Walters said they were also in the middle of building an app that will connect artists and hosts and allow them to share the magic of house shows with the world.

“After the show I managed to meet and talk with the guests. Everyone was so relaxed and open – there was a beautiful community feeling to it,” he wrote.

“Playing a Parlour gig is one of the most unique experiences you can have as a performer.

“Many of the artists that perform at our events are unknown by most of the guests – so it’s the perfect way to introduce your music and create new and dedicated fans.”

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