Entertainment Music Cranberries singer faces fallout from mid-air drama

Cranberries singer faces fallout from mid-air drama

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The Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan must answer allegations she lashed out at a crewmember on a plane.

O’Riordan is to face prosecution over the alleged incident on a flight from New York in 2014.

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The Zombie singer was arrested at Shannon Airport in Ireland in November after the Aer Lingus plane landed. She was subsequently accused of lashing out at officers as they attempted to take her into custody.

She was released without charge after the incident, but prosecutors in Ireland have now confirmed they are moving forward with the case and O’Riordan, 43, is facing charges of assault and resisting arrest.

The star is set to appear at Ennis District Court within the next two to three months and she faces up to six months in jail if she is convicted.

O’Riordan’s mother has recently spoken of the singer being in a “very vulnerable place”.

In 2013, she revealed she’d suffered abuse over a four-year period in her childhood. She had panic attacks, couldn’t eat or sleep properly.