Entertainment Music ‘We will never tour again … but I love those guys’

‘We will never tour again … but I love those guys’

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Crosby Stills Nash & Young is over as a touring band, according to Neil Young but David Crosby has gone further ruling out any more performances altogether.

Young has put an end to speculation of a 2015 world tour telling an audience in Philadelphia: “CSNY will never tour again, ever” and then adding “but I love those guys”.

Crosby tweeted: “I hear Neil said “there will never be any more CSNY shows” that’s like saying there are mountains in Tibet. we know Neil .we already knew.”

The statement extinguishes a recent dream of Graham Nash to tour Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young worldwide in 2015 and the possibility of at least a one off performance at Young’s upcoming Bridge School Concert.

“With Neil, he invited us to play the Bridge concert,” Nash told Noise11.com.

“When Neil asks us to sing with him there is never just one reason.

“We have always supported The Bridge School, which he started with his wife Pegi but there are always ulterior motives with Neil and I think he wants to know if we can still sing, if we are still alive, if we are still vital and who knows, in my dream 2015 we will go off for a world tour. That’s my dream”.

Interestingly, since Nash spoke to Noise11 the Bridge School Concert line-up was announced with both CSN or CSNY combos strangely absent from the list of acts scheduled to perform.

The Young and Crosby comments now explain why.

While Young is a prolific touring act and so are Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young combination is rare live.

“We toured very, very few places,” Nash said.

“It’s been an amazing story. With all due respect the kids aren’t looking for Brad Pitt up there. Its not like we are some sexy object. It has to be the quality of the music.”

Crosby, Stills & Nash also recently aborted a new album with producer Rick Rubin.

“The last thing that CSN attempted was recording songs that we had written,” he said.

“We worked with a very well-known producer called Rick Rubin. It did not work out. He and Crosby just couldn’t see eye to eye on practically everything and when Crosby’s not into it, it never happens.

“We went and re-recorded about six of the tracks that we actually love and as soon as we finish the three tours this year we will go back to the studio and finish that record.”