Entertainment Music Music milestone: Spotify reaches 40 million users

Music milestone: Spotify reaches 40 million users

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US rapper Eminem is the most played artist on the world’s biggest music streaming service Spotify, the Swedish company says, announcing it’s reached 10 million premium users.

Spotify launched in 2008 and now has 40 million active users in 56 countries, three quarters of whom use the free service rather than the paid-for subscription.

That compares to the 24 million active users, including around six million premium customers, the company reported in April 2013.

Spotify’s catalogue is one of the widest available on streaming services, but Eminem didn’t have to face the stiff competition of The Beatles, who were still not available in the Swedish company’s offer.

Despite being released in June 2013, the most played song since the creation of Spotify six years ago was Wake Me Up by Swedish artist Avicii.

The most popular female artist was Rihanna.

Spotify discreetly publishes its financial results from Luxemburg, where it is headquartered.

In its latest report for fiscal year 2012, published last year, the company reported net losses of 58.7 million euros ($A88 million) and a 434.7-million-euro revenue.

In its statement on Wednesday, the group also revealed that “more than one billion dollars” had been payed to the copyright holders since 2000, roughly double the amount paid a year earlier.