Entertainment Music Mac’s ‘Songbird’ back

Mac’s ‘Songbird’ back

They look like the best of friends, but tensions with Lindsey Buckingham (far right) saw the veteran guitarist axed. Getty
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Singer and keyboardist Christine McVie is rejoining Fleetwood Mac after a 16-year absence, as the veteran band plans to hit the road for a major North American tour starting in September.

“FLEETWOOD MAC IS BACK…IN FULL…” the group said on Thursday on its website.

McVie, 70, has not toured with the band since 1998.

Over a year ago, front woman Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone magazine that the likelihood of McVie returning to the band was akin to “an asteroid hitting the earth.”

“She is done,” Nicks said. “You know when you look in somebody’s face and you can just tell? She doesn’t want to do it anymore.”

“I honestly could never in my wildest dreams have thought I could return to the band. It’s just a dream come true,” McVie told People magazine.

The “On With The Show” tour will kick off September 30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band will play 34 shows in 33 cities across the United States and Canada.

“We’re thrilled,” the band’s co-founder and drummer, Mick Fleetwood, told People.

“She’s just the dearest of friends and we’ve remained that way always. We’ve always missed Chris.”

Rolling Stone magazine reported that the group spent time working on new songs this month, but has no plans to release anything until after the tour.

The Grammy-winning band’s Rumours album, released in 1977, is considered to be one of the most successful in history with more than 40 million copies sold.

McVie’s return means the band can perform classic hits such as Little Lies that it has not been able to do for years due to her absence.

Fleetwood formed the band in London in 1967 with McVie’s ex-husband John McVie. Christine McVie joined a few years later. In 1975, they were joined by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

Below is a rare video of McVie performing ‘Songbird’, one of only four songs she solely wrote for the band.