Entertainment Movies Famous Happy Gilmore swing returns, 25 years on

Famous Happy Gilmore swing returns, 25 years on

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Has there even been a villain as slick as Shooter McGavin?

Or, a hero as bumbling but loveable as Happy Gilmore?

It has been 25 years since we saw the two duke it out on the golf course.

(Yes, 25 years.)

Happy Gilmore star Adam Sandler marked the occasion by recreating his character’s token hockey-turned-golf swing, in a video for Twitter.

“Shoot McGavin, this is for you,” Sandler says as he approaches the tee.

“And I’m not lying to you … That went pretty well,” he says as he watches the ball fly down the course.

For those who missed the 1996 comedy hit, Happy Gilmore follows failed hockey player Happy as he discovers a hidden talent for whacking golf balls a really long way.

Although he doesn’t look or act like a typical golfer (hockey shirts and glugging beers aren’t part of the code), he starts to win some big prizes until he’s head to head with the golfer of the minute, Shooter McGavin.

Happy has to win – for pride, and to save his beloved grandma’s house.

There’s an alligator, a scandal and a love interest along the way.

We’re pretty sure it still stands up, even a quarter of a century on.

There’s a slew of movies hitting the milestone this year, and quite some good ones.

Robin Williams brought heart and thought to The Birdcage, in a premise that seems so alien in today’s society.

Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, starring baby-faced Claire Danes and Leo DiCaprio, brought Shakespeare’s classic to (then) modern times, with a soundtrack and screenplay that still slaps today.

Despite a flop of a remake, The Craft still shows its influence today. Just have a look at what the kids are wearing.

And finally, Space Jam: the movie that brought Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny together. Such a cinematic masterpiece can never be replicated.