Entertainment Movies Monarchy movies: Kristen Stewart to rule the screen as Princess Diana

Monarchy movies: Kristen Stewart to rule the screen as Princess Diana

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The people’s princess – Lady Di – is spending the Christmas holidays at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate.

It’s one of Diana’s last royal holidays, but she doesn’t know that.

It’s the early 1990s and she’s made the momentous decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles.

That decision, made over those three days, would – as some say – ultimately end her life.

The world will be brought into those 72 hours by none other than Twilight star Kirsten Stewart.

Yes, Stewart is set to star as Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s upcoming film Spencer.

Kristen Stewart
The film explores why Diana gave up her fairy tale ending and future as queen. Photo: Getty 

Despite some raised eyebrows, Larraín said he was confident in his choice of leading lady.

“Kristen is one of the great actors around today,” Larraín told Deadline.

“To do this well, you need something very important in film, which is mystery.

“Kristen can be many things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile and ultimately very strong as well, which is what we need. The combination of those elements made me think of her.

“The way she responded to the script and how she is approaching the character, it’s very beautiful to see.

“I think she’s going to do something stunning and intriguing at the same time.

“As a filmmaker, when you have someone who can hold such a weight, dramatic and narrative weight just with her eyes, then you have the strong lead who can deliver what we are looking for,” the Jackie director said.

But fans may have a while to wait to see the flick, as production isn’t due to start until 2021.

In the meantime, you can still get your fix by tuning in to these royal dramas fit for a queen.

The Kings Speech (2010)

The four-time Academy Award-winning film follows King George VI as he works alongside Australian Lionel Logue to resolve his speech impediment during the onset of World War II.

Colin Firth was born to star in aristocratic period dramas, so it should come as no surprise he snagged himself an Oscar for his role of King George.

Based on true events, this film proves it’s not about what you say but how you say it.

Where to watch: Stan

Diana: In Her Own Words (2017)

If you’re wanting to brush up on your knowledge of the Princess of Wales before Larraín’s Spencer, this is how to do it.

Get a keen insight into life as Lady Di as she explores everything from her bizarre courtship with Prince Charles, to their iconic wedding and highly publicised divorce.

This documentary features real archival footage and exclusive interviews with the people’s princess herself.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Crown (2016)

If you’ve ever shown interest in the royal family, or if you just love a historical drama, chances are you’ve heard of The Crown. 

Emmy Award-winning and equal parts thrilling and salacious, this Netflix original chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her ascent to the throne at age 25.

If you thought the Queen left all the transgressions and scandals up to her kids and grandkids, you would be wrong.

With the upcoming season four set to introduce Princess Diana, now is the perfect time to memorise the true stories of the monarchy.

But don’t be disheartened to learn that the next series sadly isn’t likely to feature tampongate, AKA one of the most obscene royal incidents in recent memory.

Where to watch: Netflix