Entertainment Movies Coronavirus viewing: Oscar-winning whodunit mysteries to stream and solve

Coronavirus viewing: Oscar-winning whodunit mysteries to stream and solve

Get your detective hat on and solve these crimes before the credits roll. Photo: Getty
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There are only so many Friends re-runs we can watch before our brains slowly begin to rot.

But the good news is there is nothing like a good whodunit to get those wheels turning again.

Stimulate your brain and follow the clues with these killer, Oscar-winning mysteries.

Ladies and gentlemen, the game is afoot.

Mystic River (2003)

Based on a book by Dennis Lehane (Gone, Baby, Gone and Shutter Island), this eerie mystery follows the death of a police officer’s daughter and his investigation into a crime that took place 25 years earlier.

Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece won Sean Penn and Tim Robbins Oscars for best actor and best supporting actor and scored itself another four nominations.

With a star-studded cast including Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laura Linney and Laurence Fishburne, this compelling story will leave you guessing to the end.

Where to watch: Stan

The Hateful Eight (2015)

Quentin Tarantino adds a Western, wintery twist to the classic locked-room mystery.

Eight unique individuals, including a cowboy, a bounty hunter and a fugitive seek refuge from a snow storm in a remote cabin when two guests are suddenly murdered. 

Featuring most of the Tarantino dream team (Tim Roth, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel and Michael Madsen), this film won an Oscar for best musical score and was nominated for a further two.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2012)

Long before Daniel Craig stole the show as Benoit Blanc in the whodunit hit Knives Out, he was involved in a different (and significantly darker) story.

A journalist (Craig) hires an alternative, badass computer hacker (Rooney Mara) to help him solve the forty-year-old disappearance of a young woman.

The US adaptation of the best-selling Swedish book series won an Oscar for best editing and nabbed another four nominations.

While David Fincher’s version was a stand-alone film, the Swedish adaptation scored a second, third and fourth sequel to keep you busy all weekend.

Where to watch: Stan