Entertainment Movies The best movies to catch on the big screen in June

The best movies to catch on the big screen in June

Sophie Turner X Men: Dark Phoenix
Sophie Turner wrestles with an uncontrollable power after an accident on a mission in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Photo: 20th Century Fox
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The comic book capers keep coming in June, as do two horror movies about angry dolls and a pair of cute cartoons.

Here’s our guide to a dozen of the biggest players.

The superhero showdown: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After Disney swallowed 21st Century Fox whole, expect the X-Men to move into the Marvel Cinematic Universe any moment. Which means this is the last spandex outing for Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as Game of Thrones alumna Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey goes baaaaad, aided by a nefarious Jessica Chastain. Out June 6.

The slow-burn thriller: Red Joan

Loosely based on a real Cold War spy ring, the movie sees Dame Judi Dench play an unassuming pensioner and former civil servant who, it turns out, wasn’t ever so unassuming. Kingsman: The Secret Service star Sophie Cookson plays a younger Joan caught up in the Soviet Union’s race towards nuclear armament. Out June 6.

The trippy dream: Happy as Lazzaro

Taking home best screenplay at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, this dreamlike movie by celebrated Italian writer/director Alice Rohrwacher sees a young country lad (Adriano Tardiolo) and his loving family manipulated by a rich tobacconist. This lush, languid film takes a super-weird turn halfway through. Out June 6.

The sci-fi reboot: Men in Black: International

Teaming a pre-genie Will Smith with hard man Tommy Lee Jones, this wacky alien-packed buddy cop franchise was a huge blockbuster in the 1990s, even if the sequels proved lacklustre. We’re hoping Thor: Ragnarok buddies Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson can zap some life back into the Men in Black. Out June 13.

The indie drama: Wild Rose

Jessie Buckley is on the up after impressive turns in Chernobyl, Taboo and off-kilter mystery movie Beast. Stretching her considerable acting muscles again, this Glasgow-set dramedy sees her play a troubled single mum looking for a way out through country music, with Billy Elliot star Julie Walters as her mum. Out June 13.

The geeky biopic: Tolkien

With George RR Martin’s Songs of Fire and Ice novels mired in writers’ block and the TV show done and dusted, check out this biopic about the origins of that other great fantasy author, the orphaned JR Tolkien. The writer is played by Mad Max: Fury Road’s Nicholas Hoult with Mirror Mirror’s Lily Collins as (future) wife Edith. Out June 13.

The throwback horror: Child’s Play

Way before Annabelle, Chucky brought the killer doll creeps in the 1988 cult horror classic, spawning a series of increasingly humorous sequels. The ginger-haired menace is back, this time voiced by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, as the toy terrorises Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman. Out June 20.

The Pixar heart-tug: Toy Story 4

If you’re after less psychotic toys for all the family, let Woody (Tom Hanks), Jessie (Joan Cusack) and Buzz (Tim Allen) lift you to infinity and beyond with the latest super-cute Pixar animation, packing in bonus Keanu Reeves as the adorably named Duke Caboom and Veep’s Tony Hale as the super-stressed Forky. Out June 20.

The duelling cartoon: The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Toy Story gang go head to head with the pets behaving badly in this sequel from the team behind Despicable Me. It adds Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish and Star Wars’ Harrison Ford, as a stern but fair sheep dog offering sage advice to a perma-nervy Max (now voiced by Patton Oswalt after Louis CK’s disgrace). Out June 20.

The LA noir: Under the Silver Lake

Crammed with classic movie callouts, former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield investigates the disappearance of Riley Keough’s mysterious blonde from his apartment complex in this LA noir. Uncovering bizarre urban legends, this is the long-stuck-in-limbo follow up from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell. Out June 20.

The quirky musical: Yesterday

Recently announced as the Sydney Film Festival’s closing-night movie, Trainspotting director Danny Boyle’s latest, penned by Love Actually writer Richard Curtis, sees Himesh Patel’s struggling musician wake up in a world where The Beatles never happened and promptly take a ticket to ride into stardom on their coat tails. Out June 27.

The spooky sequel: Annabelle Comes Home

Because one creepy doll movie per month isn’t enough, The Conjuring spin-off sees the ceramic killer come home as the Warrens (Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson) elect to keep a close eye on her. It’s only a matter of time before the pig-tailed demon comes for their young daughter (Mckenna Grace). Out June 27.

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