Entertainment Movies Insane Instagram addicts and mountaintop romance: October’s best movies

Insane Instagram addicts and mountaintop romance: October’s best movies

WATCH: A quick wrap of the month's most buzzed-about movies.
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Watch the video above for a quick wrap of new releases

October might feel like a dead zone in terms of cinema releases, but there are a handful of movies hitting cinemas over the next month that are worthy of your consideration.

Three new releases – a blockbuster, an indie and something in between – are now showing at your local theatre. Watch our video wrap before you choose which of them to buy tickets to.

Blade Runner 2049

The pre-release buzz was deafening for the Blade Runner reboot, but the box-office takings were disappointing, to say the least. Many blamed the long running time, with the film clocking in at a whopping two hours and 45 minutes long. The special effects and soundtrack are stunning, and it’s hard to fault the performances, but the plot feels complicated and flabby, plus there’s some dubious treatment of the female characters. You can read more about that hereSkip it.

ryan gosling in blade runner 2049
Ryan Gosling claims the lead role in Blade Runner 2049, playing an LAPD blade runner caught up in an existential crisis. Photo: Supplied

Ingrid Goes West

Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza plays Ingrid, a social media addict who suffers a nervous breakdown after her mother’s death. Alone and depressed, she finds solace in the Instagram account of Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen), a California-based photographer with a seemingly perfect life. Not content with simply “following” Taylor, Ingrid decides to move to California and befriend her. A darkly hilarious and delightfully raunchy portrait of an attention-obsessed society. See it.

elizabeth olsen and aubrey plaza in ingrid goes west
Elizabeth Olsen (left) and Aubrey Plaza (right) play Insta-friends in Ingrid Goes West.

The Mountain Between Us

There’s nothing like the possibility of imminent death on an ice-capped mountain to really bring people together. Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star in this disaster-meets-romance movie as two strangers whose chartered flight plunges deep into wilderness with no hope of rescue. Together, they must survive with no food or shelter and with extreme physical challenges. Cheesy, predictable and with a plot that’s entirely implausible, it’s also gripping, absorbing and eminently enjoyable. See it.

the mountain between us
Idris Elba (left) and Kate Winslet (right) take a plane flight they soon come to regret.

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