Entertainment Movies Grab your popcorn, it’s a great month for new movies

Grab your popcorn, it’s a great month for new movies

WATCH: Our wrap of the best movies in cinemas right now.
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Watch the video above for a summary of the best films in cinemas now.

Spiderman: Homecoming – July 6

Charismatic newcomer Tom Holland’s take on this classic superhero marks the moment when the cheesy melodrama of the Toby Maguire days becomes a thing of the past. This is the playful collection of one-liners and angsty youth that Spiderman was meant to be. It’s not going to win an Oscar, but this Spiderman-meets-Saved by the Bell combination actually works on multiple levels, with gags for the kids and the parents. It’s funny, action-packed and full of heart, with a dash of the tongue-in-cheek attitude we’ve come to expect from the Avengers franchise. 

Verdict: See it

The Beguiled – July 13

Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell star in this Sofia Coppola-directed remake of a twisted Civil War film from 1971 starring Clint Eastwood. Farrell plays an injured Union soldier who stumbles upon a Confederate girls’ finishing school and is taken in by the its lonely group of women while he recovers. However, the presence of a man in the all-female household soon creates chaos and the peaceful plantation home becomes the site of something more sinister.

Verdict: See it

Baby Driver – July 13

This madcap crime/comedy/drama film from British director Edgar Wright may seem like a box office underdog, but it’s been generating major hype. Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, a getaway driver with a heart of gold who’s at the beck and call of a ruthless crime boss (played by Kevin Spacey). Baby drives like a bat out of hell and listens to a constant soundtrack of old-school hits on his iPod, meaning the film is packed full of epic car chases and killer music. Throw in a bit of romance and some humour and you’ve got a near-perfect film.

For more on Baby Driver, click here.

Verdict: See it

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul – June 22

While Wimpy Kid fans are complaining of a stale franchise, newcomers will find plenty of laughs in this fourth film chronicling the exploits of the hapless Greg Heffley. This time, Greg and his family embark on an agonising road trip where so much could go wrong … and mostly does.

Verdict: See it

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