Entertainment Movies Ozflix launch promises Australian streaming media revolution

Ozflix launch promises Australian streaming media revolution

If you like your Maxs mad and your dogs red, then Ozflix is the streaming service for you.
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Ozflix, a new pay-per-view, streaming media service founded by a veteran Australian film director, is taking on Netflix and Stan by offering a huge range of Australian-only films.

With more than 600 Australian films on the cards – 250 available at launch – the new digital service is a home for all-Australian content, available 24 hours a day, accessed via your faithful web browser and, soon, mobile device.

While existing services like Netflix and Stan offer a small amount of Australian content – the latter also producing its own locally-made content – the offerings are rarely extensive or comprehensive.

Ozflix is geared to address this imbalance with a library purely comprised of Australian films.

Ron Brown, Ozflix co-founder and veteran Australian filmmaker, had one simple vision when developing the new service.

“Take all of these great Australian films and get them back into circulation, and reignite a love and respect for Australian films for a global audience,” said Mr Brown.

The price

As a transactional (one-off) video-on-demand service, you may find the price of Ozflix content a little familiar: new release films cost $6.79; classic films, $3.79; and a bundle of five films, $5.79.

Basically, we’re talking old-school video store prices.

By comparison, a Netflix subscription starts at $8.99 per month, and a Stan subscription at $10 per month. Both services offer a library of hundreds of TV series and movies, and a free 30-day trial for new subscribers.

Time will tell if digital film buffs are prepared to pay a premium for Australian content.

Nicole and Hugh would most certainly approve of Ozflix's content offering.
Nicole and Hugh would most certainly approve of Ozflix’s content offering.

The content

Alongside Australian works from the past four decades, Ozflix will offer a range of original content; intended to elevate our cultural understanding of Australian film and present new and exciting works.

@TheFlix is a weekly series that presents five films on a specific topic; such as a director, actor or genre. Users can then rent a bundle of the five films presented.

FAQ is an interview-style program, like America’s Inside the Actors Studio, where host Tom Ryan explores the life and works of his guest.

Bytes is, as the name implies, a regular short segment that presents one classic Australian work.

Fresh Flix showcases new Australian films that are yet to receive widespread screening.

Watch the promo for Ozflix

Ozflix launch promo

Ozflix launches January 26. Sign up now for early access at www.ozflix.tv. Oh, and we made this little video to celebrate!

Posted by Ozflix on 2017年1月17日

The challenge

Ozflix was born of a desire to address an imbalance in the Australian film market, partially driven by the local audience’s inclination to spend big on Hollywood films.

“Last year, there were about 15 films with investment from Screen Australia – only six or seven were released on [cinema] screens,” said Brown, who created the service with his business partner, experienced film distributor Alan Finney.

“Australian movies very rarely get those blockbuster releases. They get the worst slots and are then kicked off the screens to make way for Hollywood films.”

This situation is something Jenni Tosi, CEO of Film Victoria, is no stranger to.

“Red Dog 2: True Blue is a fantastic film, but it hasn’t been able to compete,” Ms Tossi said.

“The advertising spend on those US films, in Australia, is phenomenal. The difference on what an American film can spend to an Australian film is massive.”

Red Dog 2: True Blue hasn't been able to compete with American heavyhitters.
Red Dog 2: True Blue hasn’t been able to compete with American heavy hitters.

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