Entertainment Movies The Boxing Day movies to see and skip this year

The Boxing Day movies to see and skip this year

What to see and skip in cinemas this Boxing Day. Video: The New Daily
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After the Christmas festivities are over, it’s time to hit the cinema to take in some of the year’s biggest movie releases.

And what better way to escape the summer heat, digest that huge Christmas lunch or manage that hangover than to sit in a cool, dark movie theatre?

Watch the video above to get our take on the films you should see – and skip – in cinemas this Boxing Day.

A United Kingdom

This romantic period drama about a real-life love story is one of the year’s sleeper hits.

The brilliant David Oyelowo stars at the Prince of Botswana, who caused political havoc when he decided to marry a white British woman, played by Rosamund Pike.

A times a bit sappy (but delightfully so), this tightly crafted drama stands out thanks to sincere and nuanced performances and a fascinating story, full of confronting historical truths.

Verdict: See it


In the throng that makes up the animated films of 2016, Hollywood may well have left the best until last. 

Sing is a heartwarming blend of karaoke and cartoon that is as much a delight for grown-ups as for children, and will have you singing long after you leave the theatre.

An all-star cast – Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson to name a few – lend their voices to this adorable film about a koala who decides to host a singing competition to save his ailing theatre.

A prediction: Elton John’s 1983 hit, I’m Still Standing, will enjoy a chart renaissance.

Verdict: See it


If you saw Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s performance in 2005’s Mr and Mrs Smith, Allied might seem a bit familiar.

The World War II spy romance starring Pitt and French actress Marion Cotillard as a couple from opposing sides keeps you on the edge of your seat and toys with your emotions until the final frame.

A classic espionage film with enough twists and turns to be worth your while.

Verdict: See it

La La Land

La La Land, starring the exceptionally loveable Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, is scoring rave reviews everywhere – and for good reason.

This original musical is genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious, heartfelt, beautifully shot and a complete joy to watch.

Whimsical and romantic but peppered with brilliant satire and physical comedy, it’s a tribute to old Hollywood classics as well as the ingenuity and energy of modern-day Los Angeles.

Its two stars are easily the most talented people in Hollywood right now and this might be their best work yet.

Verdict: See it

Why Him?

This comedy stars Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as a dad whose beloved daughter starts dating a ridiculous man-child, played by James Franco.

With such a strong cast, this premise had loads of potential to be hilarious, but it was ruined by stupid toilet humour and over-the-top performances.

Plus, it’s completely implausible any self-respecting woman would want to date Franco’s rude, immature, insufferable character.

Verdict: Skip it

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