Entertainment Movies Macaulay Culkin re-visits Home Alone days

Macaulay Culkin re-visits Home Alone days

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He was the cutest child star of the ’90s, but Macaulay Culkin cuts a decidedly different figure in a new YouTube series.

Featuring in the first episode of :DRYVERS, Culkin reprises his role as Kevin Macallister, star of the Home Alone series.

Sentimental fans may not enjoy seeing a worse-for-wear Culkin 25 years on, as he explains the post-traumatic stress caused by being left alone by his family over the holidays.

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Holding a cigarette and sporting long, unwashed hair, Culkin, who plays an angry husband filling in for his wife’s hire car company, explains to a passenger why he is rejecting his mother’s phone calls.

“You think that’s cold?” Culkin asks the passenger, played by series creator and writer Jack Dishel.

“How about this: it’s Christmas time. It’s f***ing Christmas and your whole family goes on vacation and they forget their 8-year-old f***ing son.”

“All by yourself in the house for a week.

“I had to fend off my house from two psychopath home invaders. I was just a kid.

“The cutest 8-year old kid in the f***ing universe.

“I couldn’t even eat a slice of pizza without going to war.”

When an armed thief approaches the car, Culkin’s bad memories are again dredged up, and he goes full vigilante, burning the attempted car jacker and tying him up in a basement.

In case any Home Alone fans had wondered whether Kevin Mcallister ever got over that lonely Christmas, we guess the answer is no.

Watch the first episode of :DRYVERS here:

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