Entertainment Movies Terminally ill Star Wars fan gets dying wish

Terminally ill Star Wars fan gets dying wish

Daniel Fleetwood
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Daniel Fleetwood’s greatest wish before he succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer taking over his lungs was to see the latest Star Wars, and last week, his wish was granted.

The 31-year-old Texan was diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma, a rare type of spindle-shaped cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues in the internal organs, two years ago. In September, he was given just two months to live.

A Star Wars fan since he was eight years old, Mr Fleetwood was desperate to see the latest instalment – scheduled for release on December 18 –  but worried he would not live to see it.

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A social media campaign under the hashtag, #ForceForDaniel, called for Mr Fleetwood to be granted an early screening.

Late last week, the pressure paid off.

“To all our wonderful supporters, friends, family and awesome strangers: Daniels final dream was just granted!!!” Daniel’s wife, Ashley, wrote.

“Today the wonderful Disney, Bad Robot and Lucasfilm teams made his final dream come true, Daniel just finished watching an unfinished version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!

“May the force be with you all.”

Director JJ Abrams personally called the couple to notify them of the screening.

A Disney spokesperson confirmed that Mr Fleetwood had attended a screening of the film, according to the ABC.

Before the screening, Mr Fleetwood told People magazine if he saw the movie, “I might actually die from happiness”.

“Growing up, I would watch the movies over and over and analyse every little detail. I hope I get to see what happens,” he said.

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