Entertainment Movies Building the case for Hugh Jackman as James Bond

Building the case for Hugh Jackman as James Bond

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A single question posed to actor Hugh Jackman as to whether he would like to be the next James Bond has created a media storm after he revealed he would “seriously consider it”.

Jackman’s response (inspired by a tweet from one of The New Daily‘s reporters) was part of an episode of The Project last week, which featured a special ‘Ask Hugh’ segment encouraging fans to send questions to the actor via social media.

Jackman was asked to take on the 007 role more than 10 years ago but his commitments to the X-Men movie series meant he was unavailable.

The role went to Daniel Craig instead.

“I was like ‘Ah, I don’t think it’s the right time’,” Jackman told viewers last Wednesday night.

“But it was not an easy one to give up.”

Though he would make a great MI5 spy, Jackman will have to compete with some other big (and at times controversial) names like Idris Elba, Damian Lewis and Tom Hardy who’ve all been touted as possible replacements for Daniel Craig.

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Craig has implied he won’t make another Bond movie after this year’s Spectre.

We’ve decided to get behind Jackman because, you know, he’s a national treasure.

Here are our top 10 reasons why he would make a great 007.

1. Australia needs this

It would be a great apology for that other Australian James Bond – George Lazenby, who was described by The Telegraph as “an awful-sounding temporary stand-in for the real thing”.

Gif: The Film Fatale

2. He’ll bring new fans

He will bring new fans to the 007 franchise from his own massive and wide fan base – everyone from lovers of his Wolverine (X-Men) movies, to musical (The Boy from Oz) fans, to children’s cartoon (Happy Feet) enthusiasts, not to mention his classic Aussie TV followers (Corelli).

3. He’ll also bring the big bucks

Jackman’s box office dominance is undisputed – his X-Men movies alone have garnered more than $1 billion worldwide. Not to mention the other movies he’s done, including Les Miserables, Real Steel and, most recently, this year’s Pan.

Gif: Fox

4. He’s multitalented

He is so versatile he would make a great spy – he can sing, dance, box, ride a motorcycle, grow fantastic sideburns and, of course, act.

5. He’s got the skills to kill

Jackman has already done extensive weapons training for his role as Wolverine and his body is nearly always in peak condition thanks to workouts like those in the video below (footage taken from Jackman’s personal Instagram account).

6. He’s a good guy off-screen too

Jackman would be a Bond with a social conscience – from his work as the founder of Fair Trade Coffee (a line of coffee which supports farmers in Ethiopia), to his campaigning (with wife Deborra-Lee Furness) for national adoption law changes.

7. He’s Mr Congeniality

Men respect him and women love him, in fact, he’s topped this year’s Encore Score as the most popular actor in Australia.

8. He can do the accent

We know the 46-year-old can do a great posh English accent from his work in the 2001 film Kate & Leopold, which he starred in alongside Meg Ryan (terrible movie, great accent).

9. He’s halfway there already

Aside from having the added bonus of having already being asked, Jackman has said he is ready to go as he also has a UK passport – cutting out all those issues of red tape.

10. He looks the part

He looks incredibly suave in a Tuxedo – surely a must for any James Bond.

We’ll leave you with the evidence so you can decide for yourself:

Jackman would fit right in at a Bond-esque poker game. Photo: Getty
Jackman would fit right in at a Bond-esque poker game. Photo: Getty


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