Entertainment Movies Fantastic Four cast suffers through offensive interview

Fantastic Four cast suffers through offensive interview

Fantastic Four cast
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The cast of mega-franchise Fantastic Four have been forced to endure one of the most awkward interviews we’ve seen in a while.

Unlike Cara Delevingne’s unpleasant interview last week in which US TV hosts accused the actress of being in a bad mood, this latest media bungle contained a far more obscure line of questioning.

This time it was the hosts of Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 Morning Show firing the shots, with the Fantastic Four cast in town promoting the 3rd movie of the successful franchise.

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The interview got off to a bad start when one of the hosts seemed hell-bent on knowing why Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan play siblings in the film, when Mara is white and Jordan is black.

“Am I missing something? You’re white and you’re black. Well, how does that happen?”

Calling it “the obvious question”, the host was not satisfied with Jordan’s logical response that there are many scenarios in which a black person and a white person could find themselves being raised as siblings.

Next, one of the shock-jocks decided to move on to Kate Mara’s hair, which has been recently chopped in to a pixie cut.

“You’re way, way hot,” he said. “Why’d you cut the hair? Your hair was beautiful.”

Clearly annoyed, Mara responded that she cut her hair for an upcoming movie, but the host was not satisfied and continued to ask why she’d had the chop.

The shock-jock thought it should be made known that he hoped she would grow it back.

To cap off the bizarre line of questioning, one of the hosts chimed in to let Mara know that she has nice toes.

“I’m a toe guy. Her toes are fine.”

A shocked Mara simply replied “Wow,” but that was the last straw for the cast’s PR team, who then swiftly wrapped up the proceedings.


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