Entertainment Movies The Batman vs Superman trailer promises war

The Batman vs Superman trailer promises war

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Our first proper look at the new Batman vs Superman has delivered on its promise — a full scale war between a god and humanity’s strongest man.

The Dawn of Justice trailer released on the weekend shows us a very angry Bruce Wayne vowing revenge.

In the earlier Man of Steel film, we saw Superman save the world, but at a terrible cost. Buildings were levelled. Innocents died.

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Superman did not seem to care about all that collateral damage. After all, he saved the world. What’s a few buildings.

superman-saviour Batman, on the other hand, is very unhappy.

The contrast between Kal-El, an otherworldy saviour who can never truly understand us, and Batman, our gritty moral guardian who is very much one of us, is stark.

At one point, Superman floats down from the sky, cape fluttering, sunshine illuminating his face. Adoring fans reach out to him, like a scene from the Sistine Chapel.

Whenever we see Bruce, the scenes are dark. His suit is bulky and metallic. He’s no pretty alien with perfectly coiffed hair.

He is our warrior in pain, possibly forced out of retirement to save his world.

batman-child2And right he is to be suspicious of Kal-El, because he’s attracted another destructive villain — his old rival Lex Luthor.

That’s what we know for sure.

The trailer also gives us brief glimpses of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and possibly an homage to a dead Robin.

Strangest of all is a few seconds of a Safari-style Batman fighting black-clad soldiers with Superman symbols emblazoned on their arms.

Whatever this means, it definitely means war.

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