Entertainment Movies Sarah O’Connor sparks real-life Terminator ‘scare’

Sarah O’Connor sparks real-life Terminator ‘scare’

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British Financial Times journalist Sarah O’Connor did not realise the implications of her actions when she tweeted about a robot killing a man in Germany.

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Unfortunately for Ms O’Connor, her tweet arrived just as the new Terminator: Genisys movie was released into cinemas.

The unsuspecting London-based reporter, who has a similar name to the film’s female protagonist, was inundated with responses when she shared a story about a robot killing a man at a Volkswagen plant in Germany.

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The irony was not lost on the majority of the Twittersphere, who started spreading Ms O’Connor’s innocent missive like wildfire.

Before long, Ms O’Connor realised her mistake, admitting she “should have thought about my name & its associations before tweeting this”.

Poor Ms O’Connor was then forced to tell her new followers she had no clue what the Skynet was, referring to the omniscient robot control system featured in the movies.

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Despite all the frivolity, Ms O’Connor said she felt “uncomfortable” her inadvertent irony had overshadowed the fact someone had died.

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