Entertainment Movies Internet loses it over new Jurassic World trailer

Internet loses it over new Jurassic World trailer

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Jurassic World may be the most anticipated film of 2015, which would explain why every time new material from the movie is released, social media explodes.

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Almost immediately after Universal Pictures shared the film’s second official theatrical trailer online, the hashtag #JurassicWorld began trending on Twitter.

The general reaction to the revamp has been a positive one, with the casting of popular action star Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) pleasing even the most diehard fans of the original.

The movie also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of legendary director Ron Howard, as park operations manager Claire Dearing.

The trailer suggests audiences can also expect Velociraptors, man-on-dinosaur combat and some pretty epic chase scenes.

Jurassic World hits Australian cinemas on June 11 this year.

Bring it on.

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