Entertainment Movies Movie Advisor: All is Lost

Movie Advisor: All is Lost

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Director: J.C. Chandor
Cast: Robert Redford
Duration: 106 mins
Rating: M – Infrequent coarse language
Release Date: 6 March, 2014

Critics verdict: Go see it.

The Lowdownunder says: “It’s hard to approach All Is Lost, about one man on a boat lost at sea, without thinking ‘this is going to be boring’. Well I am happy to report that the film is everything but boring. Working with seasoned veteran Robert Redford, who turns in his best performance in decades, J.C. Chandor (Margin Call) ditches all the snappily razor edged dialogue for an almost non existent one and delivers one of the most exhilarating films of the year.

After a man’s boat is all but devastated after a vicious storm in the depths of the ocean he is left to survive. Just him and the sea. With no idea where land is, scarce food and a boat the is falling apart around this journey pits the man against the elements full force.

I is something so much more than its modest plot line. This is a punching, visceral experience that deserves to be seen on the biggest screen you can find.”

The Sydney Morning Herald says: “All Is Lost unfolds slowly, immersively, yet there are moments when it can have the tension of a thriller. And, despite its directness and its clarity, it’s not a didactic or obvious film; there’s a sense of lightness and openness in its ending, its implications and its vision.”

The Guardian says: “What a strikingly bold and thoughtful film.”