Entertainment Movies Noah movie: first look at the Russell Crowe epic

Noah movie: first look at the Russell Crowe epic

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Starring Russell Crowe (Noah), Jennifer Connelly (Noah’s wife, Naameh), Emma Watson (Noah’s daughter, Ila) and Anthony Hopkins (Noah’s grandfather, Methuseula), the epic follows the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. For the pagans among us, the old testament bible story goes that God spoke to Noah and told him he was going to destroy the earth to punish people for their sins. Noah was asked to build an ark for his family in preparation for a catastrophic flood that would kill all living creatures in its path. Noah was also instructed to bring two of all living creatures – so that the world could start again post the apocalypse.

Rather than focus entirely on the biblical story, Aronofsky, for which this project is a labour of love, is also reported to have turned the tale’s attention to the environmental aspects of the disaster, Slate has reported. Have a look at the trailer and see what you think.

Noah has a March 2014 release date.