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Movie advisor: About Time

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About Time is a British science fiction rom-com from writer and director Richard Curtis, the man behind chick flick phenomena such as Notting HillLove Actually and Bridget Jones’ Diary. The film follows the life of Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) who, at 21 years old, learns from his beloved father that he can travel back in time. Tim decides to use his newfound ability to find love and leaves his childhood home to head to London on a journey of self-discovery. There he meets his dream-girl, Mary, and resolves to win her over. After a series of missteps, Tim soon learns that his unique gift cannot shield him from the universal ups and downs of mankind.

The New Daily says: This sincere, heartfelt movie is an unabashed crowd-pleaser. Lead actor Domhnall Glesson radiates the kind of loveable hopelessness reminiscent of a young Hugh Grant and Bill Nighy delivers his usual impossible-to-ignore charm. Rachel McAdams is, as per usual, the perfect romantic lead and the implausibility of the time travel concept is nullified by the simplicity with which it’s discussed. At just over two hours, the plot occasionally lags but is partly salvaged by delightfully awkward moments and gentle plot twists. About Time doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and, in doing so, will leave you with a smile on your face and possibly even a tear in your eye.

Entertainment Weekly says: “Is there a downside to his (Tim’s) ability? Not much of one, and that may be why About Time, after an enchanting first half, settles into a mode of anecdotal family soap opera — wish fulfillment bumping up against life’s problems, sometimes solving them, sometimes not — that is more affectionate than dramatic.”

Rotten Tomatoes says: 64% – “Beautifully filmed and unabashedly sincere, About Time finds director Richard Curtis at his most sentimental.”

Crikey says: “As a rom-com About Time is a reasonable success for unfussy audiences. It’s good-natured and thoughtfully constructed, with a flabby middle act and a cheesy finish. As a time travel movie it doesn’t offer anything remotely innovative. When it looks like it might, Curtis quickly aborts mission.”

David and Margaret say: David: “I came out of this film loving it. I think when I thought about it a bit more afterwards I took a slightly more measured approach to it but I really responded to it. Three and a half stars.” Margaret: “It’s an enjoyable, audience-friendly film. I’m giving this three and a half stars.”

The Guardian says: “A good-natured fantasy romance of such utterable daftness that it’s impossible to dislike. Criticising it is like vivisecting a Labrador puppy.”

Twitter says:

Screenwriter and film critic @RussellHFilm: “ABOUT TIME: cute, sentimental. Richard Curtis-y. My date loved it. Bill Nighy, per usual, owns.”

Actress @ashleytisdale: “Just saw About Time…. I cried… 3 times. Such a beautiful movie #amustsee”

@voguemagazine:About Time, you had us at the hope of seeing Bill Nighy flop his hair around and be extremely funny.”

Kids? It features some adult themes, but they are dealt with in a lighthearted manner. Still, those younger than 12 may struggle with the complexity of the time travel narrative and a couple of tame sex scenes.

Watch it: With your Mum, girlfriends or significant other.

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