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Movie Advisor: Gravity

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Sandra Bullock stars as the solemn Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer on her maiden voyage into the great unknown. Accompanying her is the ever-charming George Clooney as Buzz Lightyear lookalike Matt Kowalsky, a seasoned astronaut. A routine mission quickly descends into chaos when unexpected disaster strikes, and Stone and Kowalsky are left floating through space, completely untethered.

The New Daily says: On a purely aesthetic level, Gravity is stunning, best viewed in 3D to fully appreciate the glide of the camera and the faultless special effects. Those who are prone to motion sickness, beware. The elaborate visuals can be overwhelming, and you find yourself floating and tumbling alongside the actors. It is the expertise of the actors that truly elevates the film from visual spectacle to emotional roller coaster. Bullock is disarmingly pared-down in her role as Dr. Stone, channeling the kind of sincerity and lack of airs one would expect from a NASA employee. Clooney provides much-needed comic relief, instilling the same easy confidence in the viewer as he does in his space comrades. Put simply: Go see it. This exhilarating film is one for the history books.

Entertainment Weekly says: “Simply as an out-of-this-world, zero-friction ride, Gravity is unforgettable, yet the real essence of Cuarón’s achievement is that the film’s technical virtuosity and its emotional grip become one.”

Rotten Tomatoes says: 97% – “An eerie, tense sci-fi thriller that’s masterfully directed and visually stunning.”

Crikey says: “Awe is an understandable response to the grandiosity of Cuarón’s big, bold, beautiful pictures.”

David and Margaret say: Margaret: “An amazing experience. It is 90 minutes of sweaty palms.” David: “You really feel this is what it’s like to be in space.”

The Guardian says: “Cuarón takes the two stars and stitches them against a vast canvas of roaring sound design and terrifying 3D visuals.”

Twitter says:

Audience member @JacksonMulgrew1: “Gravity was literally the most stressful movie I’ve seen in my whole life would strongly not recommend if you have any sort of heart problem.”

Film critic @nigelfloyd: “Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity reminds us of something much modern cinema lacks, a sense of wonder.”

Astrophysicist @neiltyson: “My Tweets hardly ever convey opinion. Mostly perspectives on the world. But if you must know, I enjoyed Gravity very much.”

Kids? It’s rated PG-13, which would be an appropriate rating if you are a parent of children with strong stomachs. A couple of dead bodies and whirling destruction scenes could easily have more timid teens cowering under their seats.

Watch it: In Imax 3D.

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