Entertainment Celebrity Royal Meghan Markle’s 2014 gift guide is a cringeworthy walk down memory lane

Meghan Markle’s 2014 gift guide is a cringeworthy walk down memory lane

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The resurrection of Meghan Markle’s 2014 Christmas gift guide proves marrying into one of the world’s most traditional families doesn’t mean you’ve always had an eye for elegance.

Markle’s now-defunct blog, The Tig, was once a place where she shared her inner-most thoughts and love of writing.

And in the holiday period of 2014, just two years before she met her real-life Prince Charming, Markle also shared an embarrassingly relatable list of items to buy your loved ones.

It turns out none of us were cool in the early 2010s. Photo: Getty 

Though she is now regarded as a woman of grace and distinction, it seems not even Markle was immune to the gaudy moustache merchandise we all fell victim to in the early 2010s.

The Tig Archivesa Tumblr blog dedicated to unearthing content from the Duchess of Sussex’s website has revealed the items she thought would look perfect under any tree.

“With the holidays just around the corner, The Tig has done the sale scouring for you!” Markle wrote.

“So whether you’re shopping for your gals, your coworkers, the perfect gift for your guy, or just something special for yourself (you’ve earned it!), get ready to swipe, click, and tap onto some of the best finds of the season.”

Engraved mother/daughter bracelets

The early 2010s were notorious for taking any item (clothing, toiletry bag, jewellery) and ruining it by adding a quirky phrase or inspirational quote.

One item featured on Markle’s list of perfect gifts were these mother/daughter brass bracelets, embossed with said inspirational quote.

Engraved in one is the phrase, “You are my sunshine”, while the other says “My only sunshine”.

“Maybe it’s my love of words in general, but all gifts scripted with phrases either tongue in cheek or inspirational are always high on my holiday wish list,” Markle wrote.

The bracelets are available online for $AU60. Photo: etsy.com

Moustache shaving mug

It was a time when the hipster man-bun and lumberjack look reigned supreme, and for some reason, we all bought things with moustaches on them.

The comical moustache was notorious for appearing on a number of items throughout the early 2010s, so it’s fitting that one appeared in Markle’s list.

This personalised shaving mug can be engraved with your loved one’s initials, or in Markle’s case, the memorable stamp of yesteryear’s hipsters.

We moustache the Duchess why this one made the list. Photo: thetigarchives.tumblr.com

A framed quote

She already revealed her love of words, so it should come as no surprise that Markle has included this framed quote in her gift guide.

A hanging quote reading, ‘Good vibes only’ feels a small step away from the basic and generic ‘Live, laugh, love’ wall decal, and is definitely the kind of gift you received from a distant relative.

This one is that it is very ‘of-the-time’, and we are lucky to no longer be there.

This one would have really jazzed up Frogmore Cottage. Photo: thetigarchives.tumblr.com

A handsome man’s toiletry bag

Markle also suggested a men’s toiletry bag, complete with (or ruined by a sweet, complimentary phrase.

“You sir, are exceptionally handsome,” it reads.

Husbands and boyfriends everywhere may have received this item, thanks to the 39-year-old, who pitched it as the perfect gift “for the beau”.

It would be easy poke fun at this item, but in doing so we would have to ignore the hoards of quote-embossed toiletry bags, pencil cases and make-up bags many of us have hoarded over the years.

Remind the handsome man in your life that he is handsome, for $US38 ($AU50). Photo: everythingbegins.com

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