Entertainment Celebrity Surprise! Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have welcomed their second baby in five months

Surprise! Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have welcomed their second baby in five months

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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have shocked (and confused) fans after sharing a photo of their surprise sixth child – just five months after Hilaria gave birth to their fifth.

Eduardo Pau Lucas, the now second-youngest ‘Baldwinito’, had only joined the brood back in September 2020.

Now, a new baby has appeared with no explanation.

“We are so in love with our daughter, Lucia,” Hilaria, 37, wrote alongside a photo of the little one on Instagram early Wednesday (Australian time). “Just like your brothers and sisters, you are a dream come true.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to try and piece together the mystery of the sixth child, and why the couple, who are generally quite forthright on social media, have kept their latest addition so hush-hush.

Featured in an earlier photo of the baby are the Baldwins’ other children: Five-year-old Eduardo, two-year-old Romero Alejandro David, four-year-old Leonardo Angel Charles, five-year-old Rafael Thomas and their sister seven-year-old Carmen Gabriela.


Distraction tactics

This isn’t the first time in recent months the Baldwins have found themselves in the headlines.

Some are even questioning whether the surprise baby was intended to draw attention away from the totally insane scandal that enveloped the mother of six in December.

Late last year, Hilaria was the subject of widespread media attention (and heaps of memes) when it emerged her Spanish accent, and alleged Latina status, was fake.

Hilaria – whose real name is Hilary Hayward-Thomas – has claimed she was born and grew up in Mallorca, Spain, and has spoken with a Spanish accent for years.

She claimed on the MomTruths podcast that she “moved here when [she] was 19 to go to NYU,” but when she was asked where she moved from she implied it was from Spain.

“From – my family lives in Spain, they live in Mallorca.”

But a viral Twitter thread exposed the yoga instructor, who actually grew up in Boston, has American parents and is not, in fact, Spanish.

A number of Hilaria/Hilary’s former classmates came forward to reveal she had undergone somewhat of a Spanish transformation since her college days.

“I know Hilary Hayward-Thomas from the Cambridge School of Weston in MA,” said one user commenting on her appearance on MomTruths.

“She didn’t have an accent then and didn’t change her name to Hilaria. Because she’s not Spanish! So please stop using an accent in this podcast and interrupting your guests.”

In fact, Hilaria’s parents, Dr Kathryn Hayward and David Thomas only moved to Mallorca in 2011, and appeared to live in Massachusetts before that.

Despite this, there are numerous videos of the 37-year-old speaking in a Spanish accent, and even forgetting English words.

“We have tomatoes, we have, um, how do you say in English? Cucumber!” she said.

She also claimed to have worn a Spanish veil in her wedding to Baldwin, which she claims was a nod to her “Spanish roots”.

It seems Baldwin was either in on the grift, or was fooled by it like the rest of us, and even impersonated her with a Spanish accent on David Letterman. 

“My wife is from Spain,” he said.

“I don’t mean to be racist when I put that accent on, by the way.”

In response to the accusations, Hilaria later claimed she had spent a lot of time in Spain on holidays and sometimes confuses the languages.

Showing true commitment, Hilaria kept up the appearance for 10 years.

Naturally, the Twitterverse took the story and ran with it, spawning hundreds of hilarious memes.

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