Entertainment Celebrity Vaccine sceptics: Olivia Newton-John and daughter will skip COVID jabs

Vaccine sceptics: Olivia Newton-John and daughter will skip COVID jabs

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Olivia Newton-John won’t be lining up to get the coronavirus vaccine, she has announced during a joint interview with her daughter, who revealed shocking anti-vaxx statements.

The 72-year-old Grease star revealed she wasn’t considering getting the jab “at this point”, but did not elaborate on why she wanted to avoid it.

In what has been labelled a “bizarre” interview, Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi, maintained she “is not an anti-vaxxer” – but then went on to make some pretty suspect claims.

“I’m anti putting mercury and pesticides in my body, which are in a lot of vaccines,” Lattanzi told the Herald Sun.

“If I had a chance to take herbs and plants, rather than have toxins injected into me, I would have done that.

“To me real medicine is what comes from the earth. I think people trust vaccines because the doctor says it is safe. I used to.”

Lattanzi, who owns a cannabis farm with her husband, also claimed she had “done research” that proved to her the vaccines are unsafe.

Currently, Californians aged 65 and older are eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID vaccines. Both have been authorised by the US Food and Drug Administration and are 95 and 94 per cent effective against the coronavirus.

Lattanzi’s statements come just weeks after she shared troubling and unfounded views on the pandemic on Instagram.

In a now-deleted post, the 34-year-old claimed face masks caused “health problems” for wearers.

“I wear a mask when inside public places. Doesn’t mean I think they aren’t causing harm to little ones, and poor people that aren’t sick that have to suffocate nine hour days.

“That when asked have cried to me because they can’t breathe and are now having health problems. I’m gonna regret this.”

But it seems Newton-John and Lattanzi’s unconventional stance on modern medicine does not extend to cancer treatment, as the Grease star continues her public battle with stage-four breast cancer.

Trust your instincts

While Newton-John’s possible distrust of the coronavirus vaccine might be unfounded, her scepticism might link back to her past experiences with modern medicine.

In October 2020, Newton-John revealed that prior to her 1992 diagnosis, she had to fight for further testing when her initial cancer results showed she was in the clear.

“I knew immediately something was wrong,” she said. 

“I don’t say this to scare women, but you have to just trust your instincts.”

Newton-John has been in and out of remission multiple times since first diagnosed nearly 30 years ago.

She told The Sun the cancer has spread to her bones, recalling being bedridden with a fractured hip and pelvis less than two years ago.

The four-time Grammy winner also urged fans to bite the bullet and go to the doctor if they felt something was wrong.

“I know it’s scary to go to the doctor, but it’s better to know than to not know. It’s important to do a monthly self-exam to notice any changes or lumps. Early detection is always best,” she said.

“My focus and purpose is continuing to find answers to treating cancer and helping others who are on that journey.”

“As strange as it may sound, I consider it a gift. I have learned so much and met some extraordinary women.

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