Entertainment Celebrity To save the arts industry, Cate Blanchett recommends … giant what?

To save the arts industry, Cate Blanchett recommends … giant what?

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Iconic Australian actor Cate Blanchett has suggested a safe way to save the performing arts.

Human condoms?’’

The French call them ‘les préservatifs’ – Blanchett has suggested if we made them six foot (183cm) – say the size of a person  they could be the answer to saving our arts and music venues.

Lamenting the effect of social distancing on live entertainment venues, Blanchett suggested some safety measures that could allow people to attend again.

“In the short term it may mean ­plexiglass between the seats,” Blanchett told The Mirror, also suggesting rubber safety suits.

“I’ve bought shares in condom manufacturing,” Blanchett joked.

The Lord of the Rings star says the impact of closing down venues has a knock-on effect on our wellbeing and for the economy.

“They don’t just go to the theatre district, they go to the restaurants, they get cabs, so there’s a huge multiplying effect.

“We’re all going to want to go out, whether it’s a music festival or theatre.

That’s the stuff we’re all going to miss.”

We’re pretty sure she’s joking about the people-sized condoms, but the star’s comments come amid growing concerns that the arts industry needs more support to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show must go on.

And if it’s not on, then it’s not on.