Entertainment Celebrity The best and unbelievably bizarre looks of the Grammys red carpet

The best and unbelievably bizarre looks of the Grammys red carpet

grammys red carpet
The Grammys attracts some of the best, and patently worse looks on its red carpet. Photo: Getty
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As far as red carpet season fashion goes, The Oscars and the Golden Globes are like your two wealthy, refined aunts.

They turn up to Christmas Day with a nice bottle of Verdelho and some compliments for the host.

The Grammys are the black sheep of the family – the third aunt who turns up a little dusty from the night before, with half a bottle of Passion Pop.

They will also absolutely offend somebody before the day is done, but there’s no denying they are a helluva lot of fun.

Today was loose aunty Grammy’s moment in the spotlight.

We’ve selected some of the more eye-popping looks from the music industry’s night of nights for you to enjoy.

Side note: If you are over the age of 30 there is a very good chance you won’t know who 90 per cent of these people are. Such is pop music.

Let’s hear it for the kooks

Ariana Grande

Ariana grande grammys red carpet
Sometimes too much tulle is just too much. Photo: Getty

It’s unclear whether Ariana Grande gave Italian designer Giambattista Valli the brief “more tulle than is necessary”. But if he was, he nailed it.

Ricky Rebel

Ricky Rebel. Photo: Getty

This is the perfect outfit for those moments when you see someone at the party you don’t wish to talk to.

It’s a double-layered defence system. Anyone who has ever seen a movie can tell you those tiny masquerade masks render you absolutely unrecognisable. And, you can just draw the curtains on your weird red lace changing room when you see your nemesis approaching.

Billy Porter

grammys red carpet
Billy Porter decided to pretend to be a lamp. Photo Getty

Another super solution for avoiding people you don’t want to talk to is pretending to be a lamp. According to the image caption, that’s actor Billy Porter under there. Porter has made a name for himself by wearing larger-than-life outfits on the red carpet and he didn’t disappoint in custom Baja East.

Cyndi Lauper

Grammy red carpet
Cyndi Lauper’s outfit started OK. Photo: Getty

This one sucker-punched us a bit. It started well. The eye travelled down from her rad ‘80s mullet, past the kind-of-cool bustier and the bondage chic wrist cuff, and then things started to go wrong. The jacket has a surprise bustle situation at the back, and then you hit the chunky brick-clog on her feet and it’s game over. But then you remember that she gave us True Colours’ and all is forgiven. But only just. Those shoes really tested the friendship.

Lil Nas X

grammys red carpet
Lil Nas and his cowboy Grammy’s dream. Photo: Getty

It’s like he asked a four-year-old up-and-coming beauty pageant contestant what he should wear to the Grammys. It should come as no surprise that Donatella Versace had something to do with this.

Joy Villa

grammys red carpet
Joy Villa was not sitting on the fence. Photo: Getty

Again, it feels like this was guided by that same four-year-old Miss USA beauty pageant hopeful.

Chrissy Teigen

Grammys red carpet
So close to a hit, but still a miss. Photo: Getty

On the fence about this. On one hand you *want* to love it because Chrissy Teigen is hilarious and wonderful and that colour works beautifully on her. There’s just a little bit too much drama with that neckline. If it was just dialled down a notch it would be perfection.


Grammys red carpet
J.I.D could be on to something with his jacket bag. Photo: Getty

We want to give this a special mention because jackets with a built-in bag like this should absolutely become a thing. Largely because it will rule out men ever asking their lady partner to lug around their sunglasses, phone charger, wallet, etc in their handbag ever again.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Grammys red carpet
Even Priyanka Chopra couldn’t pull off this dress. Photo: Getty

Priyanka is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, but even she can’t pull this off. There is absolutely nothing flattering about this dress.

Billie Eilish

grammys red carpet
The new Lady Gaga? Photo: Getty

Well, it’s official, Billie Eilish is the next-gen Lady Gaga. This Gucci ensemble does incorporate a face mask though, which is rather useful considering the coronavirus outbreak. Eilish could end up having the last laugh.

The looks that worked

As far as trends go, one thing is standing out – the vintage flapper style of the 1920s has been transplanted into the 2020s (as you can see in these pics of Lana Del Rey, Bonnie McKee, Lizzo, Pia Mia and Mereba on the red carpet today).

Other people who nailed it in the style stakes included ….

Heidi Klum

Grammys red carpet
Admittedly Heidi Klum has a head start. Photo: Getty

Models have a bit of an unfair advantage on a red carpet – they’re so genetically blessed they could wear a bin-liner and somehow pull it off. But thankfully Heidi Klum hasn’t had to rely on those model credentials here, as this Dundas outfit is pretty bang on.

Other models who looked the good were Alessandra Ambrosio and Aussie Nicole Trunfio, who you can see below.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

grammys red carpet
These two shouldn’t have worked. Photo: Getty

This is almost too much. In no world does his outfit technically complement hers, but for some reason it works. They’re decked out in Louis Vuitton. She gets extra points for those edgy heels, and for pulling off the world’s shortest skirt without looking nervous.

Maggie Rogers

grammys red carpet
Beautifully cut and dazzling for all the right reasons. Photo: Getty

As my mother would say “it’s nice to see a young person who doesn’t feel they have to flash lots of flesh”. This celestial dress by Chanel is the stuff dreams are made of. Zero chance of a wardrobe malfunction, but still beautifully cut and dazzling for all the right reasons. Only downer is that it does appear she has accessorised with a drink flask? Coco would turn in her grave.

Trevor Noah

grammys red carpet
Trevor Noah looked particularly sharp. Photo: Getty

That right there is a very sharp look. If you are a gent, run out and buy yourself a silver jacket with a black lapel immediately.

Brandi Carlile

Grammys red carpet
Not everyone’s taste, admittedly. Photo: Getty

It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but there’s something rather magnificent about this three-piece suit.

Jazzmeia Horn

grammys red carpet
A fashion fusion . Photo: Getty

This is a cracking mix of traditional glam (with the bejewelled bodice and the vintage purse) and an African element (with the turban and full skirt). All hail someone who can throw together some eclectic elements and make it work.

Shawn Mendes

grammys red carpet
Shawn Mendes packed a punch. Photo: Getty

Usually, this much magenta shouldn’t be legal in a three-piece suit. But when it’s Louis Vuitton and it’s paired with that subtle Bulgari necklace, a crisp white shirt and a beautifully shined pair of black dress shoes, this packs some punch.

Janina Gavankar

grammys red carpet
Our vote for best on ground. Photo: Getty

Don’t you love a dress that is simple, yet interesting at the same time? This red Romona Keveža number has a touch of old-school elegance with the draped sleeve, which contrasts beautifully with the geometric structure on the strapless side of the dress. Paired with a matching red lip, understated eye make-up and sleek hair, this gets our vote for best on ground.

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