Entertainment Celebrity A-list spooky: This year’s best celeb Halloween costumes

A-list spooky: This year’s best celeb Halloween costumes

Olsen twins Halloween
If Heidi Klum is the queen, then Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka are the kings. This year, they went as the Olsen twins. Photo: Getty
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Nods to nostalgic movies, societal references and just straight-up freaky stuff were the go-tos for celebrities dressing up for Halloween this year.

Every October 31, the bar is raised just that little bit higher, and the biggest A-listers always find a new way to out-spook each other.

But it’s becoming a lot more than just the outfit – it’s days of dropping hints via social media to finally doing thea big reveal with a video clip and photoshoot.

Heidi Klum, the undisputed queen of Halloween costumes, got transformed over the course of several hours, making it more of a Heidi-ween than anything else.

Heidi Klum, right, with husband Tom Kaulitz, just popping to the supermarket before Klum’s notorious annual Halloween party. Photo: Getty
There’s that full get-up. No word on how easy it was to go to the bathroom, however. Photo: Getty

Then there’s Kim Kardashian West, who doesn’t do anything by halves.

The uber star couldn’t just settle for one costume. First, she paid homage to Reese Witherspoon’s iconic Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

Then she went even more retro for family Halloween, dressing the West clan as the Flintstones. Cute. And yes, Kanye is Dino.

As for other tropes, we saw a lot of celebs dressing up as each other. Jessica Biel definitely won this game. She dressed up as husband Justin Timberlake in his *NYSNC days – complete with the two-minute noodles hairdo.

Jessica Biel, left, dressed up as her beau Justin, who came as a microphone. Photo: Getty

Segue: vintage Britney Spears is starting to get some momentum, and Victoria’s Secret model Rachel Hilbert tapped into this vibe. She rocked an Oops! spears catsuit, like only a Victoria’s Secret model can.

Model Rachel Hilbert channels a Britney throwback. Hilbert would’ve been about four years old when this song came out, by the way. Photo: Getty

Models and all-round beautiful people Maya Stepper and Mikkel Jensen pulled off the couples costume to a tee. They stepped out as Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, circa 2000.

Jolie’s lipshade, bared midriff and Thornton’s facial hair were peak early 2000s. Photo: Getty

Massive props in the couples department also goes to Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski and newly cemented boyfriend Kevin Harrington, who gave a nod to iconic video chain Blockbuster, which was one of the many victims of the rise of streaming services.

Australia’s last Blockbuster store shut down earlier this year. Coincidentally (or not) Porowski’s Queer Eye is one of the most-streamed shows on Netflix. Photo: Getty

NBA star LeBron James toed the line between creepy and pop culture, as LeDward Scissorhands, while Ariana Grande was just creepy. Poignant, but creepy.

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Model Gigi Hadid broke out the face paint for a feature as Jim Carey’s The Mask. Kelly Clarkson also threw it back to a ripper of a 90s flick in Hocus Pocus.

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