Entertainment Celebrity ‘Filthy mouthed’ Chrissy Teigen reignites feud with Donald Trump

‘Filthy mouthed’ Chrissy Teigen reignites feud with Donald Trump

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.
Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend have been attacked by US President Donald Trump. Photo: Getty
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Chrissy Teigen has taken aim at US President Donald Trump after the property developer-turned-politician attacked her on Twitter.

Mr Trump criticised the “filthy mouthed” model after her husband, musician John Legend, appeared on US television celebrating a criminal justice reform bill without mentioning the President’s role in its passage.

“When all of the people pushing so hard for Criminal Justice Reform were unable to come even close to getting it done, they came to me as a group and asked for my help,” Mr Trump tweeted.

“Guys like boring John Legend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how great it is – but I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed.”

Teigen, a regularly outspoken critic of the President, swiftly responded by calling Mr Trump a “pussy ass bitch” – a phrase that then trended on Twitter.

Twitter users were quick to seize on the hashtag, sharing memes, jokes, and criticisms of Mr Trump’s presidency.

Teigen’s comments represent the latest in a long-standing feud between the pair which previously saw Mr Trump block the model from seeing or interacting with his tweets.

The block followed a series of mocking tweets from Teigen that repeatedly accused the President of being a sexist and a racist, and suggesting that “no one” liked Mr Trump.

In May 2018 a federal US court ruled that Mr Trump’s tweets are a public forum, and blocking other users would impinge on freedom of speech.

Mr Trump has been unable to block users since then, and Teigen has continued her criticism of his leadership.

John Legend’s personal case for reform

The latest bout between Teigen and Mr Trump followed Legend’s appearance on MSNBC to discuss the First Step Act, designed to reform the prison system to curb reoffending.

“Every time you lock someone up, you’re locking their family up with them,” Legend told host Lester Holt at New York’s Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

“It’s not just collateral damage when a child loses their father or their mother, that’s primary damage that’s felt by those families, and there’s 2.7 million children in America right now who have at least one parent in prison.”

Legend’s mother was jailed for drug-related crimes after “self-medicating” following the death of her own mother.

Legend also founded Free America, an activist group focused on prison reform which was a major supporter of the First Step Act, which was signed by Mr Trump in December last year.

The act gives non-violent prisoners the ability to receive an education while in prison, requires prison staff undergo de-escalation training, and improves female hygiene.

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