Entertainment Celebrity Naomi Campbell shares her astonishing routine for flying ‘private or commercial’

Naomi Campbell shares her astonishing routine for flying ‘private or commercial’

Naomi Campbell post-flight at the Met Gala in New York on May 6 2019. Photo: Getty
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The minute she gets on any plane – “private or commercial” – supermodel Naomi Campbell whips two things out of her Louis Vuitton tote. Not hand cream and her phone: disposable gloves and Dettol wipes.

The cleaning staples are a vital part of Campbell’s astonishing pre-flight routine, which she’s shared as a public service announcement on her YouTube channel, ‘Being Naomi’.

All ye who think ear plugs, Toblerone and an inflatable pillow are enough of a ritual for any happy journey, fasten your seat belts now.

“I love being in the air,” a delighted Campbell, 49, tells her audience in the five minute clip, which opens with her sashaying through Nice Airport in silk lounge pyjamas and white sneakers.

“I love being everywhere, but yet nowhere at the same time.”

Naomi Campbell Paris July 3
Campbell at the Valentino show in Paris on July 3. Photo: Getty

Campbell also “loves” the airport itself, and before flying from France to Doha “for a recce” she does a walk-and-talk like a Brian Fantana Anchorman cross.

“She has great legs, great legs,” the British star notes of a random before breezily dropping said designer tote onto the security belt.

Then it’s duty free shopping time, where even though “I really should not” the model scoops up “French kind of chocolate.” She tries Chanel lip gloss and points out favourite Biotherm face creams (“I mix it with my oils.”)

The magazine stand is browsed – “I haven’t seen my British Vogue” – then Campbell gets a private shuttle bus to her Qatar jet, where she is taken aback by its mechanics: “Look how big this engine is.”

But that’s all just a warm up for the bit where Campbell gets down to business in business class with her pre-flight regimen.

Rifling through the Vuitton, the model pushes aside a giant plastic bag bursting with a smorgasbord of pills in her hunt for the cleaning products.

“Clean anything that you could possibly touch,” Campbell instructs, snapping on the gloves.

Naomi Campbell scrubs a plane
Naomi gets busy. Photo: YouTube

And she means it. She spends actual minutes expertly scrubbing her seat, seat belt, tray table, remote control, TV screen, window and the overhead vent.

“This is what I do on every plane I get on,” she reveals.

“I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.”

A woman behind her is bemused. “Can you do my seat next?” she asks.

“I don’t do them for you but I’ll share,” Campbell says.

Despite the thoroughness of the clean, it’s not enough. Out comes a pink cover with which Campbell cloaks her seat, explaining that she buys a new one in a bright colour weekly.

“They’re always hand-washed at every hotel I go to,” she says.

When it’s safe to sit down, Campbell moves onto the next phase, a series of hydration masks and a surgical face mask strapped on along with her oversized sunglasses.

“No matter what plane you take, private or commercial,” she says. “As the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing. I just can’t.”

Campbell’s extreme measures reap rewards.

“As much as I travel, I should get sick so much more with colds and stuff,” she says.

“I’m blessed that I don’t. I really think that this helps me, my little routine.

“Thanks for flying with me.”

Campbell is by no means the first star to record How To video clips. Her main competition is probably Miranda Kerr, whose 2018 video for Harper’s Bazaar is the gold standard in tips and tricks.

“Stand back when you grill chicken,” said Kerr, who explained the smell of grapefruit can cure morning sickness.

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