Entertainment Celebrity 2019 Oscars best, and worst, dressed: It was all about thinking pink

2019 Oscars best, and worst, dressed: It was all about thinking pink

Kacey Musgraves making a grand entrance. Photo: Getty
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There were two notable themes on the 2019 Oscars red carpet: Pink, and underwhelming.

Old hand A-listers including Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Brie Larson and Laura Dern were a total snooze fest and looked like they had either sacked or angered their stylists.

One person who more than fulfilled the Oscars brief to be traffic- stoppingly original? Actor and singer Billy Porter, who pushed the envelope in a Christian Siriano velvet tuxedo ballgown.

Billy Porter 2019 Oscars
A star is born? Billy Porter. Photo: Getty

Ending her A Star is Born season, Lady Gaga was one who took the chance to indulge her love of a good costume drama. In structured black Alexander McQueen with oversized corset waist detail, she paid homage to Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.

Lady Gaga 2019 Oscars
Lady Gaga. Photo: Getty

Gaga took her role as the red carpet’s leading lady so seriously that she became just the third person in Tiffany & Co’s 142-year history to wear the 128.54-carat, $30 million Tiffany Diamond.

It’s been stashed in the jeweller’s vault since Hepburn wore it in 1961 for publicity photos.

But pink was the order of the day, in all shades from palest seashell to lipstick bright. The red carpet looked like a wedding where the bridesmaids are told to pick their own dress in a certain colour.

Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians) totally stole the show in a lollipop Maison Valentino confection with ruffled neck, ruching, tiers and pockets that was literally the pinnacle of casual luxe couture.

Gemma Chan 2019 Oscars
Gemma Chan. Photo: Getty

Apart from the black pumps, Linda Cardellini (Green Book) made a statement that screamed ‘The party is here, people’. From the bouffant hair to the Zsa Zsa Gabor boudoir style, she was bold and fabulous and rose to instant obsession status.

Linda Cardellini 2019 Oscars
Linda Cardellini.

Lord knows we love Maya Rudolph but this is what happens when very cool people want to be even cooler by being deliberately daggy and end up looking like scary strange ladies who smell like old talcum powder.

Maya Rudolph 2019 Oscars
Maya Rudolph. Photo: Getty

The Grammys’ big winner Kacey Musgraves was one out of the box in a froufrou Giambattista Valli tulle gown which, depending on your thought processes, is either completely perfect or totally wrong. Terrifying hair and Stepford Wives stare.

Kacey Musgraves 2019 Oscars
Kacey Musgraves. Photo: Getty

Actress Meagan Good was bad. Thigh-high split and tacky sheer panels that made her look like the third best performer on a Florida cruise ship.

Meagan Good 2019 Oscars
Meagan Good. Photo: Getty

Angela Bassett (in Reem Acra) was on the money with the hot pink, out of date with the 2004 budget-conscious styling. Enough of the split already, ladies.

Angela Bassett 2019 Oscars
Angela Bassett. Photo: Getty

Helen Mirren chose candy Schiaparelli with a tangerine and silver lining.

Helen Mirren 2019 Oscars
Helen Mirren. Photo: Getty

Sarah Paulson wore a super weird dress that looked somehow like a homemade cushion. The diamonds are impressive but incongruous.

Sarah Paulson 2019 Oscars
Sarah Paulson. Photo: Getty

If Beale Street Could Talk star KiKi Layne was amazing in a structured musk stick column of a dress with sweeping shoulder ruffle detail.

KiKi Layne 2019 Oscars
KiKi Layne. Photo: Getty

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) went for sophisticated metallic lavender Balmain. The fashion equivalent of a worthy novel.

Emilia Clarke 2019 Oscars
Emilia Clarke. Photo: Getty

Rachel Weisz was interesting. Childish headband (girly!) with rubber top (dominatrix!) and floral skirt (lady!) Beautiful in an unapproachable Snow White way.

Rachel Weisz 2019 Oscars
Rachel Weisz. Photo: Getty

Emma Stone was original – graphic print, brown, zero accessories – but the local zoo might be looking for an escaped giraffe.

Emma Stone 2019 Oscars
Emma Stone. Photo: Getty

From her undone hair to her barely-there sandals and cheongsam-style mesh dress, Brie Larson was a modern woman slash stunning robot.

Brie Larson 2019 Oscars
Brie Larson. Photo: Getty

Time for blunt truths: Jennifer Lopez’s take on the metallic sheath is predictable and too showgirl, and her hair looks staid and too long. Time for a JLo rebrand.

Jennifer Lopez 2019 Oscars
Jennifer Lopez.

Molly Sims completed the glamorous human snake trifecta and prompted an unsettling rumour of a Brigitte Nielsen comeback.


Molly Sims 2019 Oscars
Molly Sims. Photo: Getty

Bohemian Rhapsody star Lucy Boynton was part modest, part sexy and completely impressive in regal purple.

Lucy Boynton 2019 Oscars
Lucy Boynton. Photo: Getty

Constance Wu’s super pretty Atelier Versace was toughened with matching canary yellow platforms (having a moment) and made less fussy with her sleek ponytail.

Constance Wu 2019 Oscars
Constance Wu. Photo: Getty

Awkwafina cemented her ruling of the Total Banger Club with a silver pantsuit, pussy cat bow shirt and attitude. Love!

Awkwafina 2019 Oscars
Awkwafina. Photo: Getty

Yes, yes, Charlize Theron’s periwinkle Dior gown was elegant and high fashion, but with her stark new dark bob and serpent necklace she looked like she was auditioning to play a scheming widow in a 1940s melodrama.

Charlize Theron 2019 Oscars
Charlize Theron. Photo: Getty

Glenn Close’s tuxedo-bodice Carolina Herrera gown was covered in four million beads and weighed 19kg, including the terrific Darth Vader cape.

Glenn Close 2019 Oscars
Glenn Close. Photo: Getty

Tina Fey was meh in a Grecian-inspired dress that smacked of being spotted in the front window of a Texas mother-of-the-bride shop.

Tina Fey 2019 Oscars
Tina Fey. Photo: Getty

Roma’s Yalitza Aparicio enjoyed her spotlit moment in spangled Rodarte.

Yalitza Aparicio 2019 Oscars
Yalitza Aparicio. Photo: Getty

Songwriter Diane Warren (showing for her 10th Oscar nomination) wore a Sergeant Peppers-inspired pantsuit with white boots. Her best accessory? The Ruth Bader Ginsburg figurine in her jacket pocket.

Diane Warren 2019 Oscars
Diane Warren. Photo: Getty

Despite falling for the thigh-high split cliche, Regina King was both contemporary and timeless in a strapless white column with train.

Regina King 2019 Oscars
Regina King. Photo: Getty

Amy Poehler was a fun blend of aspiring magician and captain of industry.

Amy Poehler 2019 Oscars
Amy Poehler. Photo: Getty

Olivia Colman wore a British racing green sleeveless dress with sheer bedazzled cape tied into an oversized bow at the back. This is one woman you’d want to have a gin and tonic with.

Olivia Colman 2019 Oscars
Olivia Colman. Photo: Getty

Melissa McCarthy went full superhero, including the first cummerbund seen in captivity for decades.

Melissa McCarthy 2019 Oscars
Melissa McCarthy. Photo: Getty

Laura Dern. Laura Dern!

Laura Dern 2019 Oscars
Laura Dern. Photo: Getty

Danai Gurira came as a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Danai Gurira 2019 Oscars
Danai Gurira. Photo: Getty

Amy Adams was perfectly appropriate and a tiny bit mermaidish. Great hair and looked like she was having the best time.

Amy Adams 2019 Oscars
Amy Adams. Photo: Getty

Jennifer Hudson slayed in asymmetrical Elie Saab with the night’s best architectural ruffles.

Jennifer Hudson 2019 Oscars
Jennifer Hudson.

Then there were duos who made a splash. Nicholas Hoult (with Joe Alwyn) was arguably the best dressed man, in a sash tuxedo from Dior.

Nicholas Hoult Joe Alwyn 2019 Oscars
Nicholas Hoult and Joe Alwyn. Photo: Getty

Mahershala Ali wore a beanie with his suit and his partner Amatus Sami-Karim went for a galactic look, which was the fashion version of a burger with the lot plus sides.

Mahershala Ali 2019 Oscars
Mahershala Ali and Amatus Sami-Karim. Photo: Getty

Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and wife Lisa Bonet were matchy match, he in a dusky pink velvet tux designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld and she in an embellished Fendi Couture tea-length gown. Comedy and tragedy in one hit.

Jason Momoa Lisa Bonet 2019 Oscars
Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet.

Tonya Lewis Lee and Spike Lee went off script in the best way.

Tonya Lewis Lee Spike Lee 2019 Oscars
Tonya Lewis Lee and Spike Lee. Photo: Getty

And nominated singers David Rawlings and Gillian Welch were in a league all of their own.

David Rawlings Gillian Welch 2019 Oscars
David Rawlings and Gillian Welch. Photo: Getty