Entertainment Celebrity AACTA Awards 2018: Red carpet best and worst dressed

AACTA Awards 2018: Red carpet best and worst dressed

Lincoln Lewis Isabel Lucas
Former Home and Away stars Lincoln Lewis and Isabel Lucas caught up on the AACTAs red carpet in Sydney on December 5. Photo: Getty
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For Nicole Kidman, having her mum Janelle with her on the red carpet for Wednesday’s AACTA Awards – the Oscar winner’s second Sydney gala in a week – was everything.

“It’s so nice. There she is,” Kidman told The New Daily, pointing out Janelle and her other plus one, niece Lucia Hawley.

“She’s the reason I’m an actor, so it’s very appropriate that she’s here.”

Kidman’s brilliantly boho Valentino gown was easily the standout (perhaps only) couture look at the ceremony at Sydney’s The Star. Her burst of colour was a high point in a night where black played a starring role.

Worn with silver sandals and featuring velvet, sheer panels and sequin swan and butterfly embellishments, Kidman’s dress was both a super modern triumph and something Samantha’s mum would have worn on 1970s series Bewitched for a patio party.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman. Photo: Getty

Comedian and actor Celia Pacquola was slightly nervous about the dress code and level of glamour required: “It’s not our sort of area. We’re more comfortable in pubs, doing stand-up in front of 12 people.”

Celia Pacquola
Celia Pacquola. Photo: Getty

Back in Australia for the premiere of upcoming series Bloom, Phoebe Tonkin – who slayed in sexy Parisian stripes and classic red lipstick – prepared for the night by “just relaxing”, she told The New Daily.

“I wish I’d gone for a swim in the morning, but I couldn’t get to it. My mum was over and we sat eating carob bars.”

Phoebe Tonkin AACTAs
Phoebe Tonkin. Photo: Getty

Angourie Rice – who was “fangirling” over Pacquola – had one day to pick her dress, and went for pink Gucci. “I feel like a princess,” she said.

Angourie Rice
Angourie Rice. Photo: Getty

Sarah Snook told The New Daily she worked with stylist Stacey O’Connor to choose her pale mint Viktoria & Woods plunging pantsuit. “I’m really interested in more sustainable and ethically responsible fashion,” she said.

Sarah Snook 2018 AACTAs
Sarah Snook. Photo: Getty

Deborah Mailman went regal in gold satin with shawl collar with chandelier earrings.

Deborah Mailman AACTAs
Deborah Mailman. Photo: Getty

Nicole Da Silva was mostly business, a little bit party, in a flared black pantsuit.

Nicole Da Silva AACTAs
Nicole Da Silva. Photo: Getty

Tasma Walton went a touch Halloween, a touch ice dancer in a ballgown with licking flame motifs.

Tasma Walton AACTAs
Tasma Walton. Photo: Getty

Leah Purcell also took the classy route, pairing back a fancy floor-length skirt with classic white shirt.

Leah Purcell AACTAs
Leah Purcell.

Susie Porter! Glamour personified and proof shoulder ruffles are a girl’s best friend if you can’t afford diamonds.

Susie Porter AACTAs
Susie Porter. Photo: Getty

Julia Zemiro rocked up in skinny pants and a double-breasted blazer with undone hair. Chic.

Julia Zemiro AACTAs 2018
Julia Zemiro.Photo: Getty

E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich was simple and fabulous in a strapless white dress with festive earrings and sandals made from tape measures.

Ksenija Lukich
Ksenija Lukich. Photo: Getty

The Obscure actor Kate Cheel was anything but, bringing the drama in a black gown with plunging neckline and swirling tulle skirt.

Kate Cheel AACTAs 2018
Kate Cheel. Photo: Getty

Simone Kessell (The Crossing) teamed sexy modern Grecian with kinda dated hair.

Simone Kessell 2018 AACTAs
Simone Kessell. Photo: Getty

Isabel Lucas was super modern and retro at the same time, harking back to the 1940s with a head scarf, fitted dress and foxy Mary Janes.

Isabel Lucas 2018 AACTAs
Isabel Lucas. Photo: Getty

In a mash-up of ringmaster and turn-of-the-century sailor attire, Kerri-Anne Kennerley was bold and flashy. As usual. Thank you fashion god.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley 2018 AACTAs
Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Photo: Getty

Rebecca Gibney also walked on the dark side, channelling a 1980s Joan Collins.

Rebecca Gibney 2018 AACTAs
Rebecca Gibney. Photo: Getty

Dear Emma Leonard: Loved the colour, liked the length but something about the bodice (I know, but it has one) looked a teeny bit homemade.

Emma Leonard 2018 AACTAs
Emma Leonard. Photo: Getty

Was she auditioning for a Maleficent stage show? Melina Vidler was all sharp angles, cutaways, shiny surfaces. Needed softer hair.

Melina Vidler
Melina VIdler. Photo: Getty

Gracie Otto was cool. Maybe too casual. But cool.

Gracie Otto
Gracie Otto.Photo: Getty

Jackie Gillies looked rapt, and wrapped in a mid-range curtain.

Jackie Gillies
Jackie Gillies. Photo: Getty.

Marta Dusseldorp did slinky European style with plain dress, statement earrings and clutch.

Marta Dusseldorf 2018 AACTAs
Marta Dusseldorp. Photo: Getty

Celia Massingham: Seriously ethereal. Age appropriate and beautiful.

Celia Massingham.
Celia Massingham. Photo: Getty

Sigrid Thornton went showbiz to the hilt. Come to the cabaret!

Sigrid Thornton
Sigrid Thornton. Photo: Getty

Shaynna Blaze threw everything at this. Including possibly the kitchen sink hidden under the Darrell Lea bow and ruffles.

Shaynna Blaze 2018 AACTAs
Shaynna Blaze. Photo: Getty

Couples goals: Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward. Looked like they could just as easily have been dropping by a suburban solicitor to sign some papers. Effortlessly stylish.

Bryan Brown Rachel Ward
Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward. Photo: Getty

With reporting by Matilda Dixon-Smith

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