Entertainment Celebrity ‘I tend not to respond’: Ivanka Trump gives tips on how to handle haters

‘I tend not to respond’: Ivanka Trump gives tips on how to handle haters

Ivanka Trump Matthew Swift
Ivanka Trump onstage with CEO Matthew Swift at the Concordia Summit in New York on September 24. Photo: Getty
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Ivanka Trump has given the inside running on how to handle crtitics – and it’s a policy at polar opposites to that of her father, US president Donald Trump.

Speaking on Monday (US time) at the Concordia Summit in New York—an annual nonpartisan policy forum that takes place alongside the UN general assembly – Ivanka said she doesn’t buy into scrutiny or care what others think of her.

“I find getting too engaged in the daily chaos is distracting,” said Ivanka, who aims to “ignore the noise” generated by stories about her.

“I tend not to respond. I tend not to debunk the criticism,” Ivanka, 36, said.

“I tend not to say when things are blatantly factually inaccurate. Because I consider my experience here as such precious time. It’s pointless.”

In the past week, Ivanka has stuck to her social media strategy – saying nothing – while being targeted by a celebrity social media campaign urging her to support Christine Blasey Ford.

Ms Ford has accused US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. The judge’s denials have been backed by Mr Trump, who had questioned why Ms Ford didn’t report the incident at the time.

That sparked a ‘Dear Ivanka’ hashtag Twitter campaign, which has gained traction. It urges Ivanka to support women who are called on to explain their actions after a sexual assault.

Star supporters include Busy Phillips, Sophia Bush and Chelsea Handler. Amy Schumer likened Ivanka to Adolf Hitler’s complicit partner Eva Braun.

Ivanka hasn’t commented on ‘Dear Ivanka’, or any reaction to her latest Instagram posts.

On September 21, beaming in a white pantsuit and heels, she flashed a peace sign at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston.

During her visit, the first daughter made a video call to the International Space Station and made a confession.

“You actually have my dream job,” she told the members of Space Station Expedition 56, according to Science Alert.

“I always wanted to be an astronaut, and I always wanted to go to space. You are fulfilling my dream up there.”

Her 4.4 million flashed back with opinions, which ranged from calling Ivanka “vulgar” and a “disgusting oxygen thief” to a “queen”.

Ivanka paid no public heed to any of the comments.

A September 6 post showing Ivanka and husband and fellow White House adviser Jared Kushner meeting reality TV star Kim Kardashian also drew barbs.

Followers mocked Ivanka’s “Barbie” outfit and her designation of Kardashian as a criminal justice reform advocate.”What even is happening right now?” asked one.

Again, radio silence was maintained by the president’s eldest daughter.

Ivanka warned that people get sucked in to “Google alerts” and “they go down the rabbit hole of caring what people think about them”.

Then they “get defensive” and “suspicious”, which is “pointless” and can “sometimes cause your internal compass to go awry.”

As Quartz noted, “her description of that situation fits rather poignantly with the impression one might have of her father’s approach”.

Since his inauguration, Mr Trump has made regular time, often daily, to tweet angry responses at criticism, question loyalties and allege conspiracy theories.