Entertainment Celebrity Less is more: Must-see looks from the 2018 VMAs

Less is more: Must-see looks from the 2018 VMAs

Jennifer Lopez 2018 MTV VMAs
Let's get loud: Jennifer Lopez does what she does best at the awards show in New York on August 20. Photo: Getty
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Jennifer Lopez started off slowly, fashion wise, at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards but ending up proving you can’t keep a showgirl down.

Her red carpet look was boring – a slinky metallic gown – but once JLo was on stage she powered through changes of outfits like they were husbands.

Lopez went through a flowing print robe, floor-length white fur, gold gladiator leotard, gold happy pants and a diva strapless dress with acres of feathers worn with sparkly ankle boots.

“It’s an insane night. This is my town, I feel so at home here,” the star said.

Not everyone had the same instinctive feel for the VMA dress code.

Blake Lively was all wrong and Nicky Hilton reminiscent of a Southern pageant girl.

Sequins, skin and see-through looks were an unofficial thing. Amber Rose wore underwear. Blac Chyna wore chainmail. Noah Cyrus wore a bikini top. And it was hard to say what Nicki Minaj wore.

When Kylie Jenner appeared, everyone with a peekaboo vibe would have wanted to claw off their own unworthy clothes. The almost-billionaire makeup maven gave a master class in how to dress in a modern way for glitzy big nights.

Best and worst dressed

Amber Rose

Halloween hit early for Amber, who was living her best life in a bondage dungeon costume party melange of patent vinyl and latex. Complete with whip and wedgie. As mother would say, it doesn’t look like it would breathe very well.

Amber Rose
Amber Rose. Photo: Getty

Amara La Negra

The musician was totally old-school glamorous with the cape, fabulous hair and beading so retro it looked contemporary. Life goal: To get on a disco floor with this goddess.

Amara La Negra
Amara La Negra. Photo: Getty

Anna Kendrick

Boring. Feathers, sequins, dinky too-big shoes and hair so straight it looked like Keith Urban had wielded the GHD.

Anna Kendrick VMAs
Anna Kendrick. Photo: Getty

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

There’s no doubt the singer rocked her mesh thigh-high boots and handkerchief mini. Question is whether she should have worn them in the first place. No question about whether her fiance should have worn his weekend ‘Off to the hardware shop’ kit.

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande. Photo: Getty

Blake Lively

The actress crossed a Victorian heroine’s bodice with a down-on-their-luck magician’s tuxedo jacket and MC Hammer’s pant.

Blake Lively VMAs
Blake Lively. Photo: Getty

Blac Chyna

That smile is maybe a giveaway that, thanks to her extraordinary use of chainmail, the mother of two has indeed landed an extras role in a Game of Thrones shopping mall pantomime.

Black Chyna VMAs
Blac Chyna. Photo: Getty

Cardi B

It’s a lot, but it works. Confident, bold and a great bridesmaid dress colour.

Cardi B
Cardi B. Photo: Getty

Iggy Azalea

Could offer to wrestle Blac Chyna in the pantomime (see above). The day must be coming when the Australian singer feels she’s better than sex shop boots and surfie hair.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea.

Grace VanderWaal

She’s only 14, but the singer already gets music fashion doesn’t have to mean skanky. 1970s silhouette glammed up with sequins and brought back to earth with a whimsical hat and shoes. Style, style, style.

Grace VanderWaal
Grace VanderWaal. Photo: Getty

Camila Cabello

The singer went for safety in a dreaded mullet dress with ombre effect reminiscent of Sheridan’s quilt cover collection from 2016.

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello. Photo: Getty

Nicki Minaj

The singer maybe thought she needed to one-up the Kardashians and their stupid bike-short craze. No better way than to team a leotard with HHH’s old WWE belt and a homemade calisthenics tulle skirt.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj. Photo: Getty

Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan

Miley’s little sister was a standout in a sea of fake-tanned, fake curves in her dull gold bikini top, loose pants and sneakers. Totally cool. Her boyfriend had to leave early to go play laser tag.

Noah Cyrus Lil Xan
Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan. Photo: Getty

Karlie Kloss

The model looked like models often do: Unreal and a walking cliche.

Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss. Photo: Getty

Maddie Ziegler and Millie Bobby Brown

Dance Moms’ Ziegler went for lollipop glamour in a pink jumpsuit, while Stranger Things’ Brown was as unearthly as ever in her sophisticated, edited choice, from the shoulder ruffles to block-heeled shoes.

Maddie Ziegler Millie Bobby Brown
Maddie Ziegler and Millie Bobby Brown. Photo: Getty

Kylie Jenner

Looks like the makeup mogul is ploughing some of her money into a great stylist. Simple, polished and sexy.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner. Photo: Getty

Nicky Hilton

Sheesh. The heiress channelled Little Bo Peep with her tiers, bows, ponytail, ugly shoes, confusing bag and unnecessary jewellery.

Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton. Photo: Getty

Shanina Shaik

If you really want to wear a lace bodysuit with visible high brief underneath, the Australian model should be your inspiration.

Shanina Shaik
Shanina Shaik. Photo: Getty

Teyana Taylor

Had the singer been indoor rock climbing when she remembered the VMAs was on? Certainly the most heavy-duty technical shoe to ever be teamed with an urban take on chaps.

Teyana Taylor
Teyana Taylor. Photo: Getty

Rita Ora

Another star who felt like showcasing her knickers and, in Ora’s case, the stick-on makeup motif she got from her Secret Santa.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora. Photo: Getty

Jennifer Lopez

The diva kicked things off with a giant yawn dress: metallic one-shoulder with side-split. This look has had more repeats than Seinfeld.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Getty

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